Westwood Hills, KS Lawn Care and Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler System In Westwood Hills KSEntrust your Westwood Hills lawn care to our staff at Heritage Lawns and we’ll demonstrate the real potential in your lawn. There’s often an exaggerated idea of how rough it is on lawns in times of drought and excess rain because most lawns lack the necessary foundation — excellent, balanced soil.

Eco Pride Lawn Care System

The Heritage Lawns Eco-Pride System balances the soil for each of our customers in Westwood Hills. We determine the blend of nutrition, aeration, and drainage necessary to develop a hardy, robust lawn. We are so confident in our Eco-Pride lawn care system that we offer a full money-back guarantee. Once we have restored your soil to optimum levels, a lush carpet of grass will be that much easier to maintain. The occasional droughts and inevitable 100+ temperatures in the Westwood Hills area will produce less wilting and browning than before. At the other extreme, excessive rainfall will drain away quicker when the soil is not too compact. Aerating the soil and successfully composting thatch will help soften the clay soil that is so common around Westwood Hills.

Installing Efficient Sprinkler Systems for Westwood Hills Homes

Our lawn service at Heritage Lawns extends to sprinkler system installation and maintenance as well. Call us for a consultation and we’ll develop a diagram for a sprinkler system designed to effectively water your lawn while conserving water. Our view is that the installation only occurs once but your water bill is paid every month. Let us help you to save money over the long-term. Our expert crew is assigned to your property for a full week in case of inclement weather. Actual installation typically takes around three days. Specialized plows are used that minimize disruptions to your yard. A thorough clean-up is conducted before we depart.

The Importance of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aerating services from Heritage can provide a number of important benefits. It begins with punching holes at regular intervals across the lawn. The holes are about three quarters of an inch in diameter and three inches deep. The soil cores that are brought to the surface are broken up in such a way that the soil’s microbes can now directly impact the lawn’s thatch and speed the composting process. This compost/soil mix works its way down into the grass and over time it reduces the problems of excessive clay that is so common around Westwood Hills.

We at Heritage Lawns welcome the opportunity to meet with you and to earn your lawn care business. Please give us a call today!

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