Westport, MO Lawn Care and Sprinkler System Repair

Westport Lawn Care and Home Spinkler Repair ServicesHeritage Lawns and Irrigation is a lawn care company with a full array of lawn care services to keep your Westport, MO lawn beautiful. At Heritage, it’s the Heritage Difference that sets our lawn care programs apart from the competition including soil testing, aeration, seeding, winterization for your lawn, grub treatment, and flea and tick control for your lawn.

The Heritage Difference Is our Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Program

The Heritage Difference in lawn care is our Eco-Pride lawn service program. We don’t simply spray for weeds. Instead, our company determines what is causing the weeds in the first place. We test the soil to see what condition it is in. If it’s out of balance, we fix that first. Chemical treatment for weeds damages your soil, creating an unhealthy soil environment that will continue to sprout weeds and require repeated visits for weed treatment. We use an eco-friendly fertilizer for our Lawn Care Programs that adds the right minerals to the soil without depleting good soil microbes.

Improve Your Westport Lawn with Aeration Services

We believe that aeration is an important part of lawn care. Lawn aeration reduces stress on the lawn from soil compaction and helps your roots get the nutrients and water they need. Besides relieving soil compaction, another benefit of aerating the lawn is that aerating allows microbes in the clay soil to decompose thatch and prevent it from building up. Lawn aerating promotes root growth and healthy roots mean a healthy lawn.

A Great Lawn Starts with the Right Seed

The key components for a successful seeding program are to use a top-quality product, to get the seeds 1/8 of an inch into the soil, and to make sure your lawn is watered evenly and consistently after seeding, either by hand or with a sprinkler system. At Heritage, we use only the best seed. Blue tag certified premium seed contains 0% weed seed and 0% other crop. Most seed contains a small percentage of weed seeds and that can mean hundreds of weeds planted in your lawn.

Complete Lawn Care Services for Westport, MO Homeowners

Besides lawn care, at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we also provide other types of care for your Westport, MO property. We have a complete menu of services for your shrubs and trees, including our Annual Sprinkler Program, maintenance and repair for your sprinkler system and drainage solutions as well. We can install your new sprinkler system, provide winterization service, make repairs, and upgrade your system. Our Annual Sprinkler Program provides three different levels of packaged services.

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