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Lawn Verticutting Service in Kansas City

Lawn verticutting is the perfect tool for an evenly over seeded lawn. Heritage Lawns and Irrigation provides professional Kansas City lawn verticutting and seeding services to home and business owners throughout Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Leawood, KS, and the entire KC metro area.

When it comes to seeding, we have a very short window of time to be successful. On top of this short window, there are 4 crucial steps that need to be taken to ensure success. These steps include:

  • Choosing a quality seed
  • Obtaining proper seed to soil contact
  • Spreading seed in an even and consistent manner
  • Maintaining a new seed watering schedule

Step 2, obtaining proper seed to soil contact, is where aerating and verticutting comes into play. Without this step, your seed will germinate but will not stay where you want it to. Instead, as soon as it dries up a little it will blow away from not having a secure root structure.

Is Verticutting the same as Aeration?


Process of verticutting a lawn


While both the verticut and aerator are used to prep the soil for seed, they are not the same. The biggest difference when it comes to aeration vs verticutting is the pattern they leave behind. An aerator is going to leave a polka dot pattern for the grass seeds to germinate in while the verticutter will create rows. Imagine a corn field, the straight, symmetrical pattern that span the entire plot of land. This is the type of pattern a verticutter leaves.

So do you use one or both machines? It depends on the condition of your lawn. If you are just looking to thicken up a bit, an aeration could work just fine. If you are looking for a more aggressive approach, a verticutter or a combination of the two machines may be right for you.

Should I Verticut My Kansas City Lawn?

Does your lawn have:

  • Uneven grass?
  • Bare spots?
  • Shady lawn?
  • Heavy weed pressure?

If you checked any of the boxes above, the verticut machine is for you.

More times than not, our Lawn Coaches will recommend incorporating a verticut into your seeding. In the end, you will receive more seed coverage and be happier with your results.

Still not sure? Contact your Lawn Coach for a Free Walk-in-Talk to access your lawn and decide if a Kansas City verticutting service is right for you!

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