Toro Sprinkler System Installation & Repair

Genuine Toro Parts Help Us Repair and Install Sprinkler Systems

Why do we use Toro sprinkler system parts? When Heritage Lawns and Irrigation installs and repairs sprinkler systems for residents and businesses in the Kansas City area, we Toro Sprinkler system Repairs and Installations KCuse only quality parts. Our certified irrigation professionals insist on it. You can’t design a superior sprinkler system using inferior equipment. Toro has been making quality sprinkler system parts for decades and we know we can depend on them for effectiveness and efficiency.

Toro Sprinkler System Parts Mean Quality

What makes Toro sprinkler system parts better? – Innovation. They are a company who doesn’t stop at good enough. Since 1914, they have been creating innovative solutions for agriculture and turf. James R. Watson, Ph.D. joined the company in 1952 and brought this technology and innovative thinking to homeowners with irrigation. Because he was a visionary, he passionately promoted water as a critical resource that must be managed and conserved. Toro has been providing exciting new products and services for decades and they are up to par with what our irrigation specialists demand.

Water Conservation Is Our Number One Priority

One of the main concerns we have when designing and installing a sprinkler system is water conservation. Of course, one concern is environmentally motivated. Water is a precious resource and we can’t afford to waste it. Toro shares this concern and it shows in their products. But beyond the environment, conserving water is better for our customers because it saves them money as well. We always say, “You pay for the sprinkler system installation once. But you pay your water bill every month.” A smart sprinkler system will not only save the environment, but it will save the homeowner money as well.

Call Heritage for Sprinkler System Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations

At Heritage, our sprinkler system repairs, maintenance and installations are the best you can get. We use quality parts including Toro. Our irrigation manager is a CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor), and our crew is trained to take special care when installing a sprinkler system to leave your home and yard like they found it. We use a special plow to minimize the damage to your lawn when installing your sprinkler system. Everything we do, we do well. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation will install an effective, efficient, water and money-saving sprinkler system in your Kansas City home. Already have a sprinkler system? Don’t forget to call us for spring maintenance checks, backflow testing, repairs and winterization. We do it all!