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Don’t Take Our Word for It…See What Our Customers Have to Say!

“I would recommend Heritage because I really like the fact that their a small family owned business. I like the fact that we have a lawn coach that comes and sprays our yard every time. So he’s familiar with our yard and we don’t have to explain any problems that we’ve had in the past over and over again. And I really like the fact that they use pet friendly products because I know that my dog will be safe any time that she goes out in the yard. “

Janet, Olathe, KS – Lawn Service


“Just wanted to thank you guys again for what you do and compliment your guys, Mark and Jeremy, who helped fix my sprinkler system yesterday. I ran into Jeremy working on my neighbor’s home when leaving in the morning and asked if he wanted to go ahead and take care of my repairs that were scheduled for the following day. He worked me into the schedule, Mark brought over the tools needed and they got my leak fixed and I was back in business even before my scheduled repair date. In my book, that is service with a capital E for excellence. They should both be commended for taking care to make sure the customer comes first. Thank you again for the help!”
Best Regards,
R. Levitch, Overland Park, KS – Sprinkler Repair


“Just wanted to let you know Mark demonstrated true customer service Saturday as he fixed our sprinkler system. While checking out the sprinkler heads, he was showing me how he adjusts sprinkler heads as I had asked him to. I did not see that the adjacent sprinkler head was swinging around toward us, but when it did, Mark stood up and stood his ground taking the full brunt of the water flow so that I did not get wet. It was a cold morning to get wet. I thought he went above and beyond just standing there protecting me from a cold shower, as I could not move easily to get out of the way. The natural instinct would be to quickly jump out of the way, but he did not.”

B. Renfrow, Lenexa, KS – Sprinkler Repair


“I wanted to take a minute and let you know how impressed I am with your service so far. First, you all contacted me immediately and followed through with sending someone out to my home to look over my lawn. I believe the guy who came out was named Christopher but I can’t swear to it. But he was here the same day I received your email. He looked over my lawn and left me his recommendations along with a couple of options for pricing. The next morning he followed up with a phone call to discuss everything. We settled on the plan I wanted to get and you all had treated the lawn by the following week.

I bought my home two years ago and have been using Scotts Lawn Care since moving in. I started with them based on a neighbor’s recommendation. Last year we had a new neighbor move in on the opposite side of us and they started using Scotts as well. After one treatment to my lawn from your company, my newest neighbor came over and asked who I was having treat the lawn this year because it looked so great! Don’t worry, I’ve passed your information along to him. The real point of my email was to let you know that I also emailed a couple of other local lawn services the very same day I emailed you all. One of them responded asking for my address and letting me know he would be by to look at my lawn and be in contact with me after that (I gave him my address the day he asked for it 3/28, and I’m still waiting for him to come by and get in touch with me). The other company has never responded to my email. So, thank you for being so prompt in responding to my information request AND for having someone get right over here to look over my lawn and provide pricing. I work as a salesperson for an industrial chemical company so I know how important “follow through” is. Your actions are what separate business owners from lawn guys. Not only have you earned my lawn business, I have spoken with Christopher regarding a drain issue I’m having so we’re going to look into this as well and I’m Irish (which just means I talk a lot) and I’m singing the praises of Heritage to the neighborhood already. Thank you for everything.”

T. O’Connor, Lenexa – Lawn Service


“They do a good job. They’re very easy to communicate with. They call you before they come out. They take care of your problems if something’s wrong. You can’t get much better than that. You get a franchise, you don’t know who is going to be out that time, or the next time.
And they’re working to make money, they’re not working to take care of your yard. I want my yard taken care of. “

Brian, Kansas City, MO – Sprinkler System Maintenance


Hi Wes,
“I often see the days of customer service going away as we move further into another decade. But your team exemplifies customer service and continually provides that service which is beyond the 15 minute yard or 30 minute tree application. Your team is customer service. An example would be Matt where he assesses the yard before and after and follows up with me to make sure all is ok (I have a great yard because of him). Jay this last time knows I always have issues with spider mites in my boxwoods. He found a couple of bushes with them, sprayed them and told me that he would check them this week to make sure they did not spread and you know spider mites follow me and love me like the plague (thank you Jay). I appreciate that customer service tremendously and think very highly of these two individuals. However, I’ve got another story.

Yesterday, Jeremy went above the call of the sprinkler. I am in the process of planting a row of Annabelle hydrangeas and I ran into significant trouble on Sunday with one hole. Out of 13 holes that is pretty good, but that one hole contained this massive and enormous rectangular shaped boulder that I could not move. I literally spent over an hour digging around the boulder and trying to move it and could barely budge this rock that the developer threw into my berm. Not only did I spend the afternoon trying to move it, I broke my best shovel trying to hoist it out of the hole. Jeremy was out to the house yesterday adding and replacing a sprinkler head with an extension and I asked him to see if there might be some cost effective options for watering this row of water sucking hydrangeas. I mentioned to Jeremy that this idea might not be the smartest idea I have had and besides me having to water them daily, I have run into boulder problems.

Upon my nightly inspection, it is to my wildest amazement that this boulder which weighs more than me has been excavated from this hole and onto the berm. Unbelievable and amazing!!!! Let me tell you – that is beyond the call of sprinkler duty because that was not one little rock. Many thanks go out to him. I am very appreciative of what he did. After spending Sunday trying to move the boulder and then some time on Monday, I had almost given up. What a man – that took some amazing strength to move that rock! Thank you, Jeremy.

Thank you, Wes, for having such a great team.”

T. Kunkel, Overland Park – Tree and Shrub Care, Sprinkler Maintenance


“Mark did an excellent job! He listened to my concerns, figured out a way to make all my requests work, and gave me time to decide about key issues. He is fantastic!”

D. Little, Olathe, KS – Lawn Care


“I have been extremely happy with Heritage. You guys are very responsive and your technicians are very knowledgeable. Mark is an excellent example of this. Thanks for the superior service.”

K. Buckman, Overland Park, KS – Lawn Care


Dear Heritage,
“I don’t know why I stayed with my previous lawn company So long. There is a Difference – your personnel are so professional and responsive! Mark has serviced my irrigation system from the beginning and he is awesome! He is knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous. He says, “Yes, Ma’am”. I always recommend you to my friends and neighbors. Thanks!”

K. Buckman, Overland Park, KS – Sprinkler System Maintenance


“Whenever we pull up to our home, the lawn is beautiful. My husband is a professional landscaper, it’s really important to him that we have great curb appeal. With his landscape and the lawn having that perfect backdrop to just complement what he has done is awesome! So we love that, our neighbors complement us all the time. We’re really thankful that we have Heritage to do that for our lawn.”

Angie, Olathe, KS – Lawn Service


“Mark is wonderful! He is knowledgeable, efficient, always on time, and very personable. I left TLC because their employees were “new guys” every visit. They did now know me or my lawn. I was always unsure about their ability. I have been extremely satisfied with Heritage and recommend them to my friends. Mark is a true asset to your company. Thanks.”

K. Buckman, Overland Park, KS – Lawn Care


Dear Mr. Ory,
“Finally…a lawn service that does what it says it will do! We have had three different lawn care services in four years. Heritage Lawns Ltd. is the only lawn care service that I have been 100% satisfied with. Please put us at the top of your list for repeat business for 1997.”

H. Hasty, Overland Park, KS – Lawn Care


“Nick and his partner came out this morning first thing and got the system turned on, replaced a head and adjusted everything…and they flagged the heads around the edging! They did a great job and were very nice, professional and informative…pass along my thanks to them and all you folks at Heritage!”

J. Oades, Overland Park – Sprinkler System Maintenance


“You folks were great to work with. Wes & Nick are very professional and personable. I have already referred your company to friends/family.”

K. Long, Leawood, KS – Lawn Care


“Nick was incredibly professional and so helpful! He was able to quickly diagnose the problem and promptly fix it. We couldn’t have asked for better service!”

L. Gaetano, Leawood, KS – Sprinkler System Repair


“Nick is a great representative for your company. He was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We had a mix-up on a plastic cover for one of the directional stations – but it was not his doing. The note my husband left for instructions wasn’t altogether clear. Because of Nick’s demeanor and presentation, we agreed to the shut off/start-up contract.”

J. Bryan, Lenexa, KS – Sprinkler System Maintenance