Lawn Care Program and Sprinkler Repair Stilwell KS

Stilwell Lawn Care & Sprinkler System Repair

Heritage Lawns and Irrigation offers comprehensive lawn service in Stilwell, KS. Look to us for soil analysis, aerating, over seeding, lawn nutrition, and sprinkler systems, maintenance and installation. Discover the true potential of your lawn by working with our ‘Eco-friendly’ lawn care specialists. Stilwell weather extremes can have a real impact on your lawn. However, by improving your soil through proper nutrition, drainage, and aerating, a lawn can remain robust and healthy even in times of drought.

Introducing the Eco-Pride Lawn Care System

We call this thorough approach to your lawn and to the soil that supports it our ‘Eco-pride’ system. We have such confidence in this system that we offer a money-back guarantee. Once we’ve improved your soil, you’ll find that those inevitable triple degree temperatures and lengthy droughts will not cause the wilting and browning to the degree they once did. Imagine a lush, green carpet outside your window even on those hot summer days. That’s the Heritage Eco-Pride difference.

Stilwell Sprinkler Systems Installation, Repairs and Upgrades

Get your lawn the regular moisture it needs while minimizing effort with one of our sprinkler systems. Our expert will visit your Stilwell home and develop an ‘as built’ diagram of the proposed installation. The design will be developed to maximize the conservation of water. Our view is that the installation is a one-time expense but its success determines how much that water bill will be for a long time to come.

Then, our professionally trained crew will install the system. The impact on your lawn is minimized through the use of special plows. Heritage Lawns assigns the crew to your installation for a full week, to allow for inclement weather. However, most systems are installed within three days. Everything is properly cleaned up before our departure.

Lawn Aerating for a Simple Path to a Healthy Lawn

Lawn aeration involves simply punching holes in the lawn and removing cores of soil at regular intervals. These holes are three quarters of an inch wide and three inches deep. The soil cores brought to the surface are broken down so that the microbes in the soil can help to break down thatch. The resulting compost helps to enrich your soil. The holes help the root systems to breathe and to expand. Soil compaction, so common in the clay soils around Stilwell, is alleviated. For a lawn service company you can count on in Stilwell, call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

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