Stanley Lawn Aeration

Stanley Lawn Care and Sprinkler Systems

Heritage Lawns is your full-service lawn care specialist in Stanley, KS. Quality lawn care is about more than just spraying weeds. We offer a free consultation during which we review the benefits of our ‘Eco-Pride System’. We first analyze your soil to be certain that it is the right foundation for a stand of healthy, vigorous grass. We’ll make recommendations regarding nutrition, drainage, aerating, etc. that will provide an optimum environment for a healthy lawn. We’re so confident in our Eco-Pride System that we offer a money-back ‘Greenback guarantee.’ It’s our way of customizing lawn service for each and every customer.

Lawn Aerating for Stanley, KS Homes

We aerate a lawn by creating holes about three inches deep and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. This counters the compacting forces that inhibit healthy root systems. Clay soils can properly expand when wet and compaction from foot traffic and summer heat is counteracted. Aeration is particularly important around Stanley where clay soils are so common.

The aeration process also counters thatch build-up. Soil cores are brought up to the surface where microbes in the soil speed the process of thatch decomposition. Essentially this is a composting process for your lawn that will result in a noticeably stronger, healthier lawn after the process is repeated for several seasons. Aerating is a crucial element in successful lawn care.

Expert Sprinkler Installations Done the Smart Way

Our Heritage Lawns irrigation experts can install a sprinkler system on your property that is designed to conserve water. We understand that you only pay us once, but your pay your water bill every month. Call to arrange an appointment and we’ll visit to assess your needs. We’ll provide you with an ‘as built’ illustration of the planned placement of sprinkler lines.

Our professionally trained crew is assigned to your property for a full week, although most sprinkler system installations are completed in about three days if the weather is good. Damage to your property is minimized through the use of a specialized plow. Thorough clean up upon completion is included.

Give us a call today to arrange for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Look to Heritage Lawns for full service, expert lawn service in Stanley, Kansas.

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