Sprinkler System Maintenance for Olathe Homeowners

Olathe Sprinkler Repair Services on OlatheWhen it comes to having a sprinkler system installed in your Olathe home, don’t choose just any lawn care company, choose Heritage Lawns & Irrigation. At Heritage, we specialize in sprinkler system installation, repair and maintenance. Some lawn care companies just do sprinkler systems on the side. You definitely don’t want an amateur installing your sprinkler system. Call a professional – call Heritage Lawns and Irrigation. Irrigation is in our name!

You Pay for Your Sprinkler System Once, but Your Water Bill Forever

One of the main reasons it’s important to hire a professional sprinkler system installation company to install a sprinkler system in your Olathe home is that you are going to be living with that irrigation system for a long time. Poorly designed irrigation systems waste water and ultimately cost you money. Make sure you hire Heritage to install your sprinkler system. We do it right. We pay attention to soil samples and root zone depths, pressure and flow rates, and conduct water distribution tests. When we are done with your irrigation system, you’ll save a lot of water, money and trouble.

Sprinkler System Repairs

Just like any other mechanical system, your Olathe home’s sprinkler system may need occasional repairs. Sometimes sprinkler heads get bumped by lawn mowers, kids on the lawn or even snow shovels. You may need sprinkler head adjustment to make sure it is still spraying in the right direction, or sprinkler head repair if the sprinkler head is actually damaged. At Heritage, our irrigation experts will check your system for everything from broken sprinkler heads to leaking underground pipes to proper water pressure. If you need irrigation system repair, call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

Sprinkler System Maintenance for Olathe Homeowners

When winter comes, your sprinkler system needs attention. If you don’t have your sprinkler system blown out to remove the water, any water remaining in the pipes underground can freeze and burst the pipes. Then, when spring comes, you’ve got a leaking irrigation system. Let Heritage Lawns handle your sprinkler system winterization and rest easy all winter knowing your sprinkler system is safe. We can also come out in the spring for a sprinkler system startup. Our irrigation experts will check your entire sprinkler system to make sure it is ready for the new season.

For all of your Olathe sprinkler system needs, call Heritage Lawns and Irrigation at 913-451-4664.