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Smart Sprinkler Systems You Control With Your Phone

Smart Sprinkler Management System

Imagine being able to control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi access. Imagine knowing exactly how moist your soil is at all times. Imagine mechanical problems being detected the minute they happen. You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is bringing it to you with our Smart Sprinkler Management System.

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We are the first irrigation company in Kansas City to bring you truly smart water management. Our Smart Sprinkler Management System is so intelligent, it will make you rethink what a sprinkler system can do. Here are some of the amazing features that regular sprinkler systems just aren’t capable of providing:

WIFI Control
Wi-Fi Control

Soil Moisture Sensor
Moisture Sensors

24 Hour Remote Monitoring
24-Hour Remote Monitoring

No Appointments
No Appointments Necessary

50% Water Reduction Sprinkler System
50% Reduction in Water Use

Monthly Water Savings Report
Monthly Water Savings Report

Features In-Depth:

Control Your Irrigation No Matter Where You Are

Wi-Fi control lets you control your sprinkler system with the touch of a button from any web browser or mobile phone. Simply download the app and It’s all in the palm of your hand. Start watering, stop watering, water specific zones, reprogram anything you want all from miles away from home. When you are home, you’ll enjoy the full color touchscreen pad on the controller.

Smart Sprinkler Mobile System Management

Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil Moisture Sensors Tell You Exactly What Your Lawn Needs

Never guess how much water your lawn needs again. With the Smart Sprinkler Management System, soil moisture sensors let your lawn tell you how it’s doing. These sensors measure the soil moisture content where it really matters…in the root zone. You can determine exactly how much to irrigate and when to stop. Now that’s smart!

24-Hour Monitoring Detects Problems Immediately

With typical sprinkler systems, the way you find out about a problem is when you notice your plants have died or you get a large water bill. The Smart Sprinkler Management System is monitored remotely by us 24 hours a day. We monitor the state of your wiring and valves and alert you when abnormal current is detected – this could indicate a wiring short, a broken wire, or a faulty solenoid. Flow meters let us know when the flow pressure changes which could indicate a broken sprinkler head or leaking underground pipe.

24 Hour Monitoring on your Phone or Computer

No Appointment Necessary for Sprinkler Repair

Never Wait around for Sprinkler Repair Again

With remote access, appointments for sprinkler startups and repairs are no longer necessary. We can activate your sprinkler system, see where the leaks are, and take care of it without having to access your control panel in the garage. No more taking time off work for sprinkler repairs.

Save Water and Money

The Smart Sprinkler Management System uses use a forecasting service from Weather Underground. No matter what the weather does, you can make sure your sprinkler system is programmed to save water by suspending watering based on predicted temperature, predicted rainfall, or actual rainfall. Through your app, you can set rainfall and temperature thresholds which will automatically trigger your irrigation system to water more or less based on conditions. Most customers typically see a 50% reduction in water usage when using our online weather stations and forecasts!

Smartphone Control Screen for Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System Gives Monthly Water Savings Reports

Get a Monthly Water Savings Report

You’ll also get a monthly water savings report so you can see just how much you’re saving by using the Smart Sprinkler Management System. Interactive reports tell you how much rainfall your area has had, how much watering you’ve done, and how much water you’ve saved. Besides receiving monthly reports, you can get up-to-the-minute information any time you want it.

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