The Next Generation of Lawn Sprinkler Service:
Be in Control of Saving Money and Water

Imagine being able to control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi access. Imagine knowing exactly how moist your soil is at all times. Imagine mechanical problems being detected the minute they happen. You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is bringing it to you with our Smart Sprinkler Management System. We are the first irrigation company in Kansas City to bring you truly smart water management. Our Smart Sprinkler System is so intelligent, it will make you rethink what a sprinkler system can do.

Here are some of the exclusive features that regular lawn sprinkler services just aren’t capable of providing:

WIFI Control
Wi-Fi Control

Flow Meter
Flow Meter

24 Hour Remote Monitoring
24-Hour Remote Monitoring

No Appointments
No Appointments Necessary

Up to 40% Reduction in Water Use
Up to 40% Reduction in Water Use

Monthly Water Savings Report
Monthly Water Savings Report

Customer Testimonial

“The program is great. We can see when the other systems are watering when it is raining and ours isn’t. The best part is the convenience of not having to mess with it because it takes care of itself and the water savings.”

– Dan G.

Gold Program $79/month (up to 12 zones)

  • 50% Off Wi-Fi Controller – The Hunter Hydrawise Controller is the brains of the operation making sure your system is running effectively and alerting us when there is a problem.
  • Free Flow Sensor – This sensor is installed into the ground and partners with your controller. It tracks where the water is going and alerts the controller of any leaks.
  • Free Mobile App – Control your sprinkler system from your smart phone.
  • 4-Step Maintenance Program – Sprinkler Startup, Backflow Certification, Summer Check and Adjustments, Sprinkler Winterization.
  • Repairs included – You will not pay extra for a broken head or surprise leak. Construction damage (example: installing a fence and breaking a line) are not included.
  • Monitoring – Your Irrigation Coach will be able to check on your system at any time and will receive notifications about your system whenever there is a problem.
  • Seasonal Programming Adjustments- We can remotely adjust your sprinkler schedule to compensate for the changing weather greatly improving watering efficiency. 
  • Annual Savings Report – Homeowners with this smart technology have saved an average of 40% (sometimes more) on their water usage! It is shocking to see how much water the average homeowner wastes. Now, you will see how much you save (example).
  • 24-Month Contract –  You agree to be a Heritage Irrigation client and we agree to take care of your irrigation needs. After 24 months, service changes to a month-to-month agreement.
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Silver Program $59/month (up to 12 zones)

This program is very similar to the Gold Program but excludes a few services lowering your monthly subscription price.

  • 50% Off Wi-Fi Controller
  • 3-Step Maintenance Program – Sprinkler Startup, Summer Check and Adjustments, Sprinkler Winterization
    • If your city requires backflow certification, additional $4/month
  • Repairs Included – Just like it the gold system, all repairs except construction are included in your program pricing.
  • 24 Month Contract – You agree to be a Heritage Irrigation client and we agree to take care of your irrigation needs. After 24 months, service changes to a month-to-month agreement. 
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Bronze Program $95/Service (up to 12 zones)

The Bronze Program is the sprinkler program we have been offering homeowners for years. While your Irrigation Coach will be just as dedicated to you and your system and we will come out any anytime, your system will not have the Smart Sprinkler advantages.

  • Sprinkler Startup – $95
  • Backflow Test (if needed) – $60
  • Summer Check and Adjustments – $95
  • Sprinkler Winterization – $95
  • Repairs – For being a part of the program, the one-time stop charge is waived, the cost of repairs will be flat rate pricing.
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Features Gold Program
Silver Program
Bronze Program
50% Off Wi-Fi Controller X X
Free Flow Sensor X
Free Mobile App X
Startup X X $95
Summer Check X X $95
Winterization X X $95
Backflow Certification X (Add on $4/month) $60
Repairs X X Flat Rate Repair Pricing
24/7 Remote Monitoring X
Annual Water Report X

One-Time Service

  • $120 plus flat rate pricing
  • Backflow Certification for $75
  • Exact time appointments
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