Shawnee Lawn Care Services

Best Lawn Care Services in Shawnee, KS

Serving the community of Shawnee, KS, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is committed to bringing you full-service Shawnee lawn care and total landscaping maintenance. Our knowledgeable staff of field operators will use the latest in environmentally safe techniques to transform your dull, brown lawn into a green pasture that is the talk of the neighborhood, and we specialize in soil health, initial seeding, core aeration, and custom sprinkler installation.

Shawnee Lawn Care 101- Healthy Soil = A Healthy Lawn

Your Shawnee home may seem to have a good soil base, but if the grass isn’t fully covering the yard, has thin spots or begins to wither in the humid Midwest summers, chances are the culprit lies in the soil composition. We will perform a thorough check on the soil condition, including the concentration of essential trace elements, the organic makeup, and moisture content. Soil that is poorly drained or has an excess amount of compaction leads to poor root development.  At Heritage Lawns & Irrigation we start with the soil health, providing aeration & seeding if needed, and introducing natural fertilizers that provide balanced nutrition for grass. It’s all part of our successful Shawnee lawn care program.

Complete Local Seeding Services For Reviving Lawns

Sometimes, the grass is simply exhausted and needs to be replaced, or perhaps selective area seeding is necessary to fill in spots where the soil was poorly maintained. We choose the best varieties of grass for the local climate. Our Heritage Lawns seeding services are quite affordable, and as a Shawnee homeowner, you can rest assured we will monitor the growth of your new lawn to ensure its continued health.

Professional Shawnee Sprinkler Systems Repairs

Our number one lawn care priority when designing a sprinkler system is saving water while still delivering enough moisture to the grass, trees, and shrubs. Advanced irrigation sprinkler system installation is one of our specialties, and we will perform a complete property check and suggest the perfect sprinkler system for the yard. We also do maintenance and system upgrades as well as winterization to keep your irrigation system in top condition year round.

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