Parkville Lawn Care and Sprinkler systems

Parkville Lawn Care and Sprinkler Systems

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation has been providing exceptional lawn care in Parkville, MO for years. When you hire us as your lawn care service company, you’ll get the Heritage Difference. What makes us different is our Eco-Pride System. Instead of starting with the weeds and working our way down, we start with the soil and work our way up. Good soil will help your lawn endure the extremes of weather in Parkville. Triple digit temperatures and drought threaten to brown and wilt your grass. Good soil can help grass resist this threat. We start with soil testing to determine what your soil needs. When your soil is healthy, your lawn will follow.

Seeding & Aeration Builds Quality Lawns in Parkville

A good lawn starts with the quality seed. At Heritage Lawns, we use only the best seed – Blue Tag certified premium seed. Most seed contains a small percentage of weed and other seeds. Blue Tag has 0% other seed. Why plant weeds in your lawn when your whole goal is to have a weed-free lawn?

Aeration is critical for your lawn’s health. Over time soil compacts and grass roots cannot get the nutrients and water they need to stay healthy. Aeration loosens compacted soil by removing plugs or cores of dirt to provide room for new root growth. Core aeration is recommended annually.

Sprinkler System Design, Install, Repair & Winterization Experts

At Heritage Lawns, our sprinkler system technicians are irrigation experts. They can design, install, repair and maintain the sprinkler system in your Parkville home. We offer annual sprinkler programs in three levels, so there’s one that’s just right for you. Heritage irrigation specialists are also experts at solving drainage problems. They can add downspout extensions as well as install and build French drain systems. For all of your drought and/or drainage problems, call the experts at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

Heritage Lawns Has Your Lawn Care Covered

Your Parkville, MO home deserves more than just a weekly grass mowing. Your property is a valuable investment, and we will take every step required to ensure that its value is protected by proper lawn care and garden maintenance. Call on Heritage for expert lawn care including seeding, aeration, sprinkler installation and repairs, and professional insect control. Our experienced staff of lawn care specialists will do everything possible to keep your property looking like a small slice of paradise. Either call or fill in our online form to schedule a visit by one of our lawn care specialists. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and the value that we can bring to your lawn care needs.

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