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When it comes to lawn care in Overland Park, KS or Johnson County lawn care, look to Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, we strive to provide the absolute best lawn care in Overland Park and provide you a lawn that you can be proud of. You may think all lawn care companies area alike, but you’d be wrong. Heritage Lawns and Irrigation is different, when the others start with the weeds and work their way down, we start with the soil and work our way up. When the soil is healthy, your whole lawn is healthy. And a healthy lawn can fight weeds and diseases better. That means fewer chemicals and that’s good for your lawn, your family and the environment. If you’ve been stuck in the typical “see the weed, spray the weed, repeat” cycle with your Overland Park lawn care company, break out of the rut and start making your lawn healthy with Heritage Lawns and Irrigation. If you’re looking to establish long term healthy lawn consider using one of our money-saving Lawn Care Programs, which also apply to lawn care in Leawood, KS, Johnson County, and the entire Kansas City metro area.

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Overland Park Sprinkler Sprinkler Systems That Save You Money

Not all sprinkler systems in Overland Park are created equal. If you think any lawn care company can install a sprinkler system and they are all the same, think again. At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, our irrigation manager is CLIA certified. That stands for Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. When we install a sprinkler system in your Overland Park, KS yard, you can be sure that not only will it be effective, it will be efficient as well. Our sprinkler systems are designed to conserve water instead of wasting it and that saves you money. Let’s face it, you pay us once to install it, but you pay the water bill every month. We can also take care of any sprinkler system maintenance and repairs on any brand. And don’t forget about sprinkler winterization. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is Overland Park’s sprinkler system experts.

Aerating and Seeding for a Rich and Healthy Lawn in Overland Park, KS

Seeding and aerating are critical practices to keep your Overland Park, KS lawn healthy and looking great. If your lawn is looking kind of sick even though you’re watering and feeding it regularly, the problem could be soil compaction. Over time, all lawns get compacted and the answer is aerating. By removing small plugs of soil, it allows water, air and nutrients to get down to the roots. It also gives the roots room to expand and become healthier. Another problem in your Overland Park lawn may be thin or bare spots. Bare spots can be caused by many things from disease to too much traffic to the wrong kind of grass. Our Lawn Coaches can recommend the right kind of seed for Overland Park weather conditions. Seeding with the right variety of grass can make all the difference. For all of your lawn care aeration and seeding needs, call Heritage Lawns and Irrigation.

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