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Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is Mission’s best lawn care company. We understand the problems your Mission neighborhood lawn may have, and we are ready to turn that dull, dry grass that is showing bald spots into a beautiful, green ground cover that is resistant to high temperatures, freezing conditions and the invasion of mold, fungus or insects. We will treat your property with respect and offer suggestions for maintaining healthy soil, weed prevention and will even perform an extensive soil test to determine the nutritional health of the ground. If you are looking for long term results and savings sign up for our Lawn Care Programs.

Proper Drainage and Irrigation for Your Mission Lawn

At Heritage Lawns & Irrigation one of our specialties is the installation and maintenance of a first class sprinkler system. We will conduct a property inspection and determine the drainage patterns, construct an irrigation plan and have your new sprinkler system completed in less than a week’s time. We can also repair sprinkler systems and perform a complete blow out and other winterization procedures when colder weather arrives.  Our irrigation specialists will make sure your sprinkler system is as effective and efficient as possible. Because our sprinkler systems are designed to be as water efficient as possible, not only will you conserve water and help the environment, you’ll also conserve money and help your own bottom line.

Partial or Complete Seeding to Fill Your Needs

If you’ve had soil problems in the past, proper lawn care may require a partial seeding operation, or you may decide to have your Mission property reseeded after the soil has been energized. Our Lawn Coaches can help you find the right seed varieties to make your Mission lawn lush, thick and healthy for years to come. Seeding the yard and monitoring the new lawn growth is what our company does best, and we guarantee healthy results.

For complete lawn care at any time of the year, or to have your soil analyzed, your trees inspected for disease, or to design a new irrigation system, call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation.

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