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Mission Hills Lawn Care and Sprinkler Systems

At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we provide exceptional lawn care and sprinkler system services for the Mission Hills area. Our company has years of experience dealing with even the most stubborn of soils and poorly aerated turfs. We guarantee our work and are not satisfied until you, the customer, are the owner of a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Complete Lawn Care to Transform Your Mission Hills Home

The extremes of weather and temperature in the Mission Hills, KS area means that lawns and gardens require constant attention. Grass roots often become exhausted and cannot provide enough nutrition to the individual blades. The acidity of the soil changes from season to season. Compacted soil delivers less water to the roots. We at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation promise an expert evaluation of your property and will suggest the proper steps needed to transform your lawn into a lush carpet of green grass.

Aeration Keeps your Mission Hills Lawn Healthy

Aerating and seeding is critical for Mission Hills lawns. Over time, the soil in your lawn will naturally become compacted and hard. When that happens, the roots can’t get the nutrients they need because they can’t reach deep enough. Your lawn needs aerating. Aeration gives your lawn room to breathe by pulling plugs of soil out. It also helps break up thatch that has gathered just above the surface and prevents food and water from reaching the soil. This helps the grass establish a healthier root system which helps it stand up to the heat of Mission Hills summers.

Professional Mission Hills Sprinkler Installation & Repair

A well-designed sprinkler system makes it easy to keep the grass and soil properly watered. We will inspect your Mission Hills, KS property and engineer a custom irrigation system that uses the proper amount of water, delivering the moisture needed at the correct time of day. Our service includes sprinkler installation, repairs and upgrades as well as a fall season flush of the existing system. We specialize in monitoring your irrigation system long after we install it, giving you peace of mind that your watering system is in perfect condition all year long.

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