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Lee’s Summit, MO Lawn Care and Sprinkler Systems

A healthy Lee’s Summit lawn depends on the care it receives. Scheduled lawn care applications from Heritage Lawns will keep you sitting on the greenest, healthiest grass in Lee’s Summit. Years of experience have given us a large knowledge base of lawn care techniques. Extensive research and years of application have taught us that the best way to secure a healthy yard is by beginning at the soil level and working our way up. We have perfected soil preparation which in turn, gives you the greenest lawn imaginable.

The Best in Lawn Care Technicians for Lees Summit Homes

In Lee’s Summit, our team consists of state-certified route managers, horticulturists, and nationally certified landscape technicians. At Heritage Lawns, we feel that education, training and most of all, experience, is the only way to keep your lawn beautiful. We keep things on an eco-friendly basis as well, to ensure you have a safe, healthy environment for children and pets. Lawn care programs consist of numerous visits per year, aeration, fertilizer applications and weed control through our Eco-pride system. We are here to teach you about seeding, aeration, your sprinkler system, and to answer any questions you may have.

Eco Friendly Lawn Care from Experienced Professionals

We stand out in the lawn service industry. Our philosophy on yard maintenance is different from any other. We believe in keeping it as eco-friendly as possible and to begin from the ground up, where the best soil conditions provide the best weed-free, pest-free lawns. Other companies visit your home, see a few weeds and dump chemicals into the ground immediately. This leaves the imbalance of too much chlorine and large amounts of salt in the earth. They will continue to have problems with the lawn due to this imbalance. The biological fertilizers we use place micro-organisms back into the ground, where they do things naturally, safely and without chemicals. Through years of service, education and experience in Lee’s Summit, we know this is the best way to achieve the goal of healthy, environmentally safe yards that you can enjoy for years to come.

Providing Custom Lawn Care Programs for The Lees Summit Area

Custom programs specifically designed for residents of Lee’s Summit are available now. Whether winterizing your lawn, or preparing it for the summer, we can design a custom Kansas City lawn care program to fit your needs. Heritage Lawns is dedicated to giving your home or business the golf-course-perfect turf you want. Call us today for the best lawn care in Lee’s Summit.

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