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Local Lawn Care Services in Lenexa, KS

When it comes to lawn care in Lenexa, KS there’s only one company to call- Heritage Lawns & Irrigation. At Heritage, we do things a little differently than other Lenexa lawn care companies. We use our exclusive Eco-Pride System. Instead of starting with the weeds and working our way down, we start with the soil and work our way up. We focus on getting your soil healthy. Once your soil is healthy, your lawn will look great and be weed free.

The Top Lawn Care Service Experts in Lenexa, Kansas

While most lawn care companies just see the weed-spray the weed-repeat, we actually help your lawn grow healthier. Another nice thing about our Eco-Pride system is that it’s better for the environment. A healthier lawn leads to fewer weeds and fewer weeds lead to fewer chemicals and that’s better for everyone – even Mother Nature. Although currently Heritage Lawns & Irrigation does not currently offer landscaping and lawn moving in Lenexa, Kansas, if you want to see long-term benefits from your lawn, consider our Lawn Care Programs to help establish long-term results and savings.

Aerating & Seeding Services for a Healthy Lenexa Lawn

lawn care in lenexa ksAerating and seeding are two ways to get a healthy Lenexa lawn. Lenexa summers can be brutal and your lawn may start to show signs of stress, which is a common issue in Kansas City lawn care services. If your lawn does not look good, despite ample watering and fertilizing, it may be suffering from soil compaction. Aerating your lawn is the answer. Aerating – pulling small plugs of soil from your lawn – will help the root system of the grass to be healthier. It removes thatch that builds up at ground level just above the soil which keeps food and water from reaching the roots. It also gives the roots in your Lenexa lawn room to grow into the ground and get healthier.

Local Sprinkler System Repairs and Irrigation Maintenance in Johnson County, Kansas

Sprinklers are a big part of lawn care in Lenexa, KS. If you need sprinkler repairs or maintenance, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is the place to call. Our irrigation manager is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA). Not only can he design the best system, but he can also repair any broken sprinkler parts and upgrade your system. If you’ve recently added new landscaping, large potted plants or even a fountain, we can integrate these into your sprinkler system saving you time and effort. Every sprinkler system will eventually need maintenance of some sort.

Let our experts handle your sprinkler issues from startup to winterization and all the months in between. Don’t waste water or risk ruining your lawn and yard. Rely on the sprinkler repair and lawn maintenance pros in Lenexa – the lawn care, sprinkler repair, and irrigation experts at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation. We look forward to providing you the greenest, healthiest, and most eco-friendly and pet-friendly lawn you’ve ever had.


About Our Local Lenexa Lawn Care Company

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation was started in January of 1995 in Overland Park, KS. What our owner, Wes Ory, knew was that he could do better than the other local lawn care companies he had spent the previous 12 years working for. Some other Lenexa lawn care companies were great at horticulture but bad at business, and some large lawn companies were great at business but bad at customer service.

Wes knew that if he combined the eco-friendly lawn care and sprinkler repair skills he had learned at these companies and focused on the client, we could build an organization that would help more people than he could ever do on his own. Now, more than 18+ years later, our team of professionals helps thousands of homeowners by following a clear mission and by providing the best lawn care, seeding, aeration, eco-friendly lawn services and sprinkler repair in Lenexa, Kansas & the KC Metro.

For lawn care services & lawn maintenance in Lenexa, Kansas, call (913) 451-4664 for a free estimate! Also, download our free Lawn Coach’s Annual Playbook by clicking the image below.