Leawood Lawn Care

Professional Lawn Service and Lawn Care in Leawood, KS

Not all Leawood, KS lawn care service companies are the same. At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we approach lawn care in Leawood, KS a little differently. Instead of starting with the weeds and working our way down like most lawn care companies, we start at the ground and work our way up. Our type of lawn care focuses on your soil. Your soil is the heart and soul of your lawn’s health. If you have healthy soil, your turf will reflect it. So many companies fall into the trap of “see the weed, spray the weed, repeat”. It’s like treating the symptoms but never addressing the cause of the problem.

The Best Lawn Care Services in Leawood, Kansas

If your Leawood, KS or Overland Park lawn care program could be better, give us a call and let us use our exclusive Eco-Pride system on your yard. Our locally renowned and proudly eco-friendly and kid/pet safe Green KC Lawn Care Programs can help establish a long term healthy lawn with long term savings and lasting lawn beauty. We’ll help to get your soil healthy and your grass will follow. If you are needing lawn mowing in Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee or Leawood, KS, there are a lot of lawn mowing companies in the Kansas City area who can help, however we specialize in lawn care, lawn maintenance, treatment, and year round servicing to help you have a beautiful lawn you can be proud of!

Sprinkler System Repairs & Maintenance for all of Johnson County

lawn service in leawood ksSummers get pretty hot in the Kansas City metro area, and Leawood, KS is no exception, and that makes sprinkler systems a must. Call Heritage Lawns and Irrigation for sprinkler system servicing, sprinkler repairs, or smart sprinkler system upgrades. Many people don’t know that you can integrate newly landscaped areas, large potted plants or even a fountain into your existing sprinkler system. There’s not much we can’t do with your sprinkler system. We are sprinkler system experts with a CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor) on staff. When we create your sprinkler system, not only will it be effective, it will be efficient as well. We make sure our systems don’t waste water. You pay us once, but you pay the water bill every month. For the best sprinkler system repair in Leawood, KS, call Heritage Lawns and Irrigation.

Local Lawn Aerating and Seeding for Homeowners

Aerating and seeding are necessary maintenance jobs for every Leawood homeowner. Over time, you may notice thin or bare spots in your lawn. There are many causes for this from diseases to pests to traffic patterns. Sometimes, it’s the grass itself that’s not suited for the particular climate. If your lawn care in Leawood, KS needs help, one of our Lawn Coaches will come out and diagnose the problem and fix it. We also provide lawn aeration in the city of Leawood and to all of Johnson County, KS. Soil gets compacted naturally over time, and many homeowners don’t know that it will do your lawn wonders to aerate, and aeration should be a staple in any lawn care program. By removing plugs of dirt and grass, you provide a way for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots and also create room for the grassroots to grow and expand. The result is a more beautiful and healthier lawn! Call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation for all of your Leawood, KS aerating and seeding needs.

For Heritage Lawn & Sprinkler Systems’ services regarding lawn care in Leawood, KS, or Johnson County call (913) 451-4664 for a free estimate! Also, download The Lawn Coach’s Annual Playbook for FREE below.