Kansas City Lawn Care Services

Kansas City, MO Lawn Care Services & Maintenance

When it comes to lawn service and lawn care in Kansas City, MO , Heritage Lawns and Irrigation is the company to call. We offer a long-term solution to lawn care. Instead of the typical “see the weed, spray the weed, repeat” process (that most of Kansas City’s lawn service companies offer), we offer our exclusive Eco-Pride System. What makes Eco-Pride different? We start with the soil. We focus on getting your soil healthy, and a beautiful lawn will follow. We also provide Kansas City, MO lawn care tips to help you, whether you decided to work with one of our lawn coaches or not. And when your soil is healthy, there are naturally fewer weeds, fewer chemicals and less maintenance overall. If you’re tired of playing the Kansas City, MO lawn care company shuffle, call Heritage Lawns and start making your soil healthy today for long-lasting results tomorrow, with our Lawn Care Programs.

Kansas City, MO Lawn Seeding Services

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It all starts with the right seed. Most homeowners don’t know it, but almost all seed contains a small percentage of weed and other seeds. At Heritage, we use Blue Tag certified premium seed that contains 0% other seed and 100% grass seed. Why plant weeds when you’re trying to get rid of them? A great lawn starts with quality seeding. Let Heritage handle your lawn care seeding and weeds will be a thing of the past.

Smart Sprinkler System Repairs for The KCMO Area

We are Kansas City, Missouri’s sprinkler system and irrigation specialists. We don’t just hire the average teenager looking for a job. Our irrigation manager is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA). When we service your sprinkler system, we focus on water conservation at the same time. Water wasted is money wasted. You pay us once, but you pay your water bill every month. We also perform sprinkler maintenance as well. We work on all brands. If your sprinkler system isn’t working properly and needs repairs, call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation. Not only can we fix any broken sprinkler parts, we can upgrade your system to include newly landscaped areas and even incorporate potted plants and fountains. From sprinkler startup, to maintenance, to sprinkler winterization, we’ve got you covered.

The Benefits of Hiring A Lawn Care Company in Kansas City, MO

Experts Know What Your Lawn Needs

Improper lawn care can cause serious harm to your lawn. Underwatering, overwatering, cutting the grass too low, not seeding and more can keep your lawn from looking its best. A professional lawn care service, however, knows exactly what your lawn needs to thrive and look beautiful.

Less Time Taken and Less Outdoor Labor from You

A lot of people either don’t have the time or don’t have the energy to devote to proper lawn care work. Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn requires a lot of time, effort, and outdoor labor.  Grass watering, fertilizing, weeding, and other lawn care tasks can add up to a busy schedule on its own. Hiring a professional lawn care service to handle everything will let you devote your time and attention to what’s important to you and still ensure that your property looks its best!

You Actually Can Save Money on Lawn Care Costs

The cost of lawn fertilizers, weed treatments, pesticides, and other products your lawn may need can quickly add up to a huge sum throughout the year. Repairing damage to your lawn from previous improper care can be costly as well. Reseeding a lawn that has been ruined from overwatering or disease, for example, can easily cost you thousands. By hiring a professional lawn care service, you are ensuring that your lawn is getting the proper care it needs and the proper time of the year, and keeping your lawn care budget much more manageable.

Multiple Services For Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance

Although at first thought one might equate lawn care with pushing the old lawnmower around and pulling out some bad weeds, there is actually a lot more to it than that. Most professional lawn care companies offer different packages which include certain lawn services designed to meet specific needs. These professionals can help you figure out which one is best for you and your lawn. Some of these services can include Pre-Emergent & Targeted Weed Control, Lawn Fertilization, Healthy Lawn Analysis, Lawn Aeration, Tree and Shrub Care, and Lawn Seeding.

Happiness & Peace of Mind With Your Home

Even if you’re not looking to sell your property, research from NAR suggested a well-maintained lawn could increase your enjoyment and overall quality of life. According to the study, “Sixty-eight percent [of homeowners] said they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project, 49 percent have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home, and 54 percent feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project.”

For lawn care, seeding & sprinkler systems in Kansas City, MO call (913) 451-4664 for a free estimate! You can also download our Lawn Coach’s Annual Playbook for FREE by clicking the image below.