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Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Services

Kansas City Metro Sprinkler Winterization & BlowoutsUnderground sprinkler systems can freeze and the pipes can burst, causing expensive repairs if water is not properly drained and blown out. A little preventative maintenance can save you money and headaches down the road. Let us safely and properly remove the water and prepare your system for the long, cold winter ahead with our professional Kansas City sprinkler winterization services and sprinkler blowout services. We have been serving the KC metro since 1995 and proudly offer sprinkler blowouts & sprinkler winterizations in Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood, Mission, Prairie Village, KS, and the entire Kansas City area.

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Save an additional $24 off this service by enrolling in our 3-Step Sprinkler Maintenance Program

Sprinkler Blowouts from Heritage Lawns & Irrigation in Olathe, KS

3-Step Sprinkler Maintenance Program includes:

  1. Spring Startup
  2. Mid-Season Checkup
  3. Winterization and Blowout

Never worry about your sprinkler system during fall & winter again. If you live in Johnson County, KS or Jackson County, MO, we’ve got you covered.

Common Questions:

Q. Do I have to be home?

A. Because we need access to the sprinkler control panel and the water source which are usually located in the garage or basement, we will need to get inside your home. However, if it is inconvenient for you to be home, you may give us a garage door code or hidden key or leave a door unlocked, if you prefer.

Q. Can I trust your technicians?

A. Yes. Our irrigation technicians are insured and have worked for us for years.

Q. Can I get an actual appointment time?

A. Yes. Your time is valuable to us, so rather than give you a window, (between 8 and 11) we give you an actual time that you can expect us. This makes your day easier to schedule and doesn’t waste your time.