Kansas City Sprinkler Systems

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation offers sprinkler startup services to check the entier sprinkler system for accuracy, safety, and efficiency.

Sprinkler Startup Service

If you have a sprinkler system, you know how Kansas City winters can take their toll on them. That’s why Heritage Lawns & Irrigation offers our spring Sprinkler Startup Service. Not only will one of our irrigation specialists turn your sprinkler on and make sure it is working properly, but they will check the entire system for accuracy, safety, and efficiency.

  • Check pipes for leaking
  • Repair any damaged spray heads
  • Make sure control box is operating properly
  • Check for zone accuracy
  • Make sure heads are spraying the right direction
  • Program control box for proper schedule
  • Install rain shutoff sensors if requested

Thorough Inspection for Sprinkler System Damage

Freezing temperatures, snow shovels, and kids building igloos can wreak havoc on sprinkler systems over the long winter. When things finally thaw, it’s necessary to inspect your sprinkler system to make sure all the parts are working, the pipes are not split or leaking and the sprinkler heads are not damaged. Sprinkler systems have working parts, a motor, a junction box and lots of tubes. Our irrigation specialists will make sure it’s all ready for another hot summer season so your lawn and landscape stay beautiful.

Need a Backflow Test?

Backflow tests are required in Kansas City, Olathe, and Gardner.


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Smart Sprinkler Program

Our Professional Sprinkler System Startups Reduce Water Waste

A professional Sprinkler System Startup will not only reduce water waste, but will save you money. If your sprinkler system isn’t operating properly, you’re wasting water that isn’t contributing to your lawn’s health. Our irrigation specialists will inspect and adjust your entire system including your control box. They will adjust your sprinkler heads and controller settings to make sure you are getting the maximum coverage and minimum waste. They can even install rain shutoff sensors to keep your system from watering when it’s raining.

Irrigation Specialists

At Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, we aren’t just a lawn care company who happens to do sprinkler systems. We have Certified Irrigation Specialists who are trained to save you water, money and trouble. They pay attention to soil samples, root zone depths, pressure and flow rates, conduct water distribution tests, and more to make sure you’ll have the greenest lawn on the block. When it comes to sprinkler systems in Kansas City, Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is the company to call.

Watering Tips for Sprinkler Systems

Your lawn should receive about one inch of water per week including rainfall and irrigation. Deep, infrequent watering between 2 am and 10 am is best. It is better to water deeply Monday and Thursday than to water a little bit every day. Deep watering will promote deeper root growth and protect your lawn from drying out in the drought season. If you think your lawn may need more watering, look for foot printing and a dark bluish mottling coloration. These are early signs of drought stress.

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