Sprinkler System Repair in Kansas City

Flat Rate Pricing

In most cases we can tell you how much it will cost up front.

Sprinkler Repairs for Your Lawn

In order for lawn sprinklers to operate effectively and efficiently, they need to be properly maintained. Our experienced, certified technicians can quickly and neatly correct your sprinkler system problem. We are professionals and our technicians are trained in electrical, plumbing and horticultural skills. We can work on any brand of equipment, no matter who installed it.

We Work With All Brands

Rain Bird


Lawn & Garden Sprinkler Upgrades

With the growth of the Home & Garden channel and the interest in outdoor living spaces, there has been a surge in new landscapes, patios and water features. We can modify your existing system to match your new landscape and protect the investment you’ve made. Drip irrigation can be added to beds, micro sprays added to pots, and fountains can be filled automatically.

Modernizing old systems to make them more efficient and adding rain sensors can save money in the long run. We can work with your landscaper or recommend a quality company to make the changes an easy, seamless experience.

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