Heritage Lawns Bug Barriers

Stop Bugs Before They Enter

Heritage Perimeter Pest Control Plus Program helps keep bugs outside where they belong. This program combines our Bug Barrier Treatments and Mosquito Yard Spray to protect your home and family all season long. The full program includes 8 total services, find the details below:

4 Bug Barrier Treatments + 4 Mosquito Yard Spray Treatments

With consistent Bug Barrier Treatments, we can keep pests and products out of your home. Our special formula has two advantages. Our slow-acting chemicals stay potent longer so not only do the treatments last for 60 days, bugs carry it back to their nests allowing it to kill them all. It’s a comprehensive, and complete solution.

Mosquito Yard Spray Treatments

I think we can all agree that mosquito bites are no fun. Eliminate the swatting and itching from your backyard plans with the Mosquito Yard Spray. This treatment is applied to the areas of your lawn where mosquitoes live and breed. With consistent treatments, we can heavily reduce the mosquito activity in your yard. Find a full list of common treatment areas, here.

Bonus Service – Flea and Tick Treatment!

Take the bite out of your lawn

Enroll in Heritage’s Pest Control Plus Program and add a FREE Flea and Tick Treatment to your first year of service! Protect your pets, your family, and your lawn from biting insects including fleas and ticks. Take back your lawn this summer and enjoy the great outdoors.