Greenest Lawn Care in Kansas City

Lawn Soil Testing Services

The most important ingredient in creating a healthy lawn is healthy soil. It’s the first place we start with any new lawn care program. While other Kansas City lawn care companies start with the weeds and work their way down, we start with the soil and work our way up.

Soil Sampling Tells Us What Your Lawn Needs

lawn-soil-testing-kansas-cityWhen we come across a lawn that isn’t thriving, the first thing we do is soil sampling. We test your lawn’s soil to see what it’s lacking or what it has too much of. Lawn soil testing tells us the type and amount of fertilizer needed.

Fertilizers typically contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium which are all essential to a healthy lawn when used properly. But when over applied, they can be harmful not only to your lawn but to the environment as well. Rainwater carries the excess fertilizer to streams and lakes causing algae growth, murky water, habitat destruction, and bad odors. Through soil sampling and testing, our Lawn Coaches will make sure the soil in your lawn has the right amount of everything.

We Test the Soil for Acidity Levels

The pH level in your lawn varies throughout the season and can change quite a bit as plants and grass develop in the prime growing season because they are taking more and more out of the soil. Knowing your Kansas City’s lawn’s acidity or pH level is key to understanding what it needs. In Kansas City, your lawn’s acidity level should be between 6.1 and 6.9. Once we find out what your soil needs, we compare that to the type of grass in your lawn and adjust any levels for optimal growth. The results of a soil test will answer four critical questions:

  1. What nutrients does your soil need?
  2. What type of fertilizer should we use?
  3. How much fertilizer should we use?
  4. How often should we fertilize?

Soil Testing Leads to a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn will get exactly what it needs to stay healthy and thick. And a healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds. A thick lawn will choke out most weeds without much help. We have years of experience in testing soil and calculating fertilizer needs. Give us a call and we’ll get your lawn back to healthy, thick, and green in no time.