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Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment

Lawn Mower Reducer Treatments

Yes, it’s true. Heritage Lawns & Irrigation can reduce the amount of lawn mowing you have to do. Our Lawn Mowing Reducer treatment is quite the hit with Kansas City homeowners. And why not? There are no downsides. It won’t hurt your lawn and it actually makes your grass greener and healthier. So don’t spend your time mowing your lawn when you can be enjoying it. Our Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment will result in:

  • Stronger Root
  • Less Bagging
  • Darker Grass
  • More Time for You

Mow Your Lawn Less Often

Our Lawn Mowing Reducer is actually a growth regulator. It redirects the plant to produce more root growth than top growth. Not only will you have to mow less often, you’ll be bagging less grass, and your lawn mower won’t bog down so much due to grass that’s too high and thick. Plus, because you won’t have excess growth, you won’t have excess clippings either.

Get the Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment in Early Spring & Early Fall

We recommend getting the Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment in early spring and again in early fall. These are the times of most rapid growth when you are forced to cut the grass every three of four days. Not only will the treatment reduce the amount of mowing you’ll have to do, it will give you more time to enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is actually pleasant.

Hidden Benefits of Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment

Because the Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment redirects growth to the roots, your lawn gets stronger roots for better heat and drought tolerance during the wicked Kansas City summers. Plus, one of the best side effects of this treatment is that your grass gets darker green. This is because elongation of the grass blades is reduced, but the number of chloroplasts per blade is the same. The chloroplasts are packed tighter per blade making the blades a darker shade of green. So if you’re ready to cut your grass less often, bag fewer clippings, improve your lawn’s health, and get a darker lawn all at the same time, call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation and ask about our Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment. It’s best to apply it in the spring, so call us before the real mowing season gets underway. Call (913) 451-4664.