Bug Barriers by Heritage Lawns

Lawn Flea & Tick Insect Control

Flea, Tick & Insect ControlTake control of your lawn and make it insect free with Flea & Tick Control Treatments from Heritage Lawns & Irrigation. You don’t have to share your yard with annoying, biting insects. Let us treat your yard so you can enjoy time outdoors with your family and friends.

Keep Fido Flea Free with our Surface Insect Control

So you’ve eradicated any bugs from your home, but what about your yard? When your pets go outside, they are exposed to dozens of insects and some, like fleas and ticks, can follow them inside. What’s a homeowner to do? Our Flea and Tick Surface Insect Control will protect your family and pets from biting fleas, ticks and chiggers.

Fast-Acting Spray Kills Insects on Contact

Just like our Kansas City mosquito control treatment, our flea and tick insect treatment works immediately. There’s no watering necessary. It starts killing bugs on contact so your yard will be bug free and ready to enjoy as soon as we’re finished. Many people call us for an insect control treatment before hosting outdoor barbecues and parties. That way, their guests can sit outside without being eaten alive. It’s a great way to take back the outdoors when insects start causing problems.

Protect Your Lawn from Damaging Insects

While you protect your pets and kids, you’ll also be protecting your lawn from damaging insects like sod webworms and armyworms. Our surface insect control will kill these pests as well.

  • Sod webworms are the larvae of moths that cause damage to the lawn by chewing the grass blades just above the thatch line. They can cause turf thinning and irregular dead patches. In your lawn, damage appears as small brown patches about the size of a quarter. When many larvae are present in mid-summer, the small brown patches can run together and form large irregular, thin and brown areas.
  • Armyworms are also moth larvae that feed on grass. They create brown patches in turf that first can mimic heat and drought stress.  In large areas the blades are clipped right to the ground.  When the population is high, feeding produces bare circular areas.

If you’d like your lawn to be bug free and enjoyable, call us whenever you notice a problem. We’ll send one of our technicians to treat your lawn and eradicate biting insects immediately.