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Eco-Pride Lawn Programs Include:







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Flea & Tick Treatment:

Protect your pets, your family, and your lawn from biting insects including fleas and ticks. Take back your lawn this summer and enjoy the great outdoors.

Bug Barrier Treatment

Bug Barrier Treatment:

We spray your home inside and outside to kill bugs on either side of your walls. Then we spray outside every few months to create a barrier that keeps bugs away.

Soil Test:

While other lawn care companies start with the weeds and work their way down, Heritage starts with the soil and we work our way up. We test the soil and add the right nutrients. Balancing your soil is the secret to a beautiful, HEALTHY lawn.

* Free Bonus Service for the first year only

An earth-friendly lawn care program starts with making your soil balanced and healthy, this applies to lawn care in Kansas City, lawn care in Leawood, lawn care in Overland Park, lawn care in Olathe and the whole world! Once you have that, mother nature will be working with us instead of against us and we won’t have to use as many chemical products to keep everything looking good. And that’s healthier for your wallet, your family, the environment, and the world.

When all you do is spray for weeds, it starts a vicious cycle. The chemicals go into the ground, killing the microbes in the soil and effectively sterilizing it. That’s why traditional lawn companies make many return visits, but the lawn doesn’t get any better. With our Eco-Pride system, we use biological fertilizers that are beneficial to the natural micro-organisms in the soil. It contains no chlorine, has an internal carbohydrate source, and a total salt content of less than 200# per acre. The Eco-Pride system keeps weeds at bay while your lawn gets healthier. The result is a properly mineralized, healthy soil that will produce strong plants and reduce weeds, insects and diseases naturally. When the soil is balanced, the turf gets thicker and the weeds get choked out.

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