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Independence Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair Service

Complete Independence, MO lawn care service is offered by Heritage Lawns and Irrigation. We can take on the clay soils common in the area with a variety of techniques including soil testing, nutrition, seeding, aeration, and drainage solutions. We’ll help to unleash the real potential in your lawn. Imagine a rich green carpet of grass that resists drought and stands up to excessive rains. The Heritage Difference is our Eco-Pride System. It’s a comprehensive approach to lawn care. Our confidence in this thorough, customized system is so strong that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Great Lawns Start with the Best Grass Seed

It all starts with the right seed. Most homeowners don’t know it, but almost all seed contains a small percentage of weed and other seeds. At Heritage, we use Blue Tag certified premium seed that contains 0% other seed and 100% grass seed. Why plant weeds when you’re trying to get rid of them? A great lawn starts with quality seeding. Let Heritage handle your lawn care seeding and weeds will be a thing of the past.

Independence, MO Lawn Aeration Makes Your Lawn Healthy

Aerating your lawn offers multiple benefits. By punching holes in the grass that are three inches deep and three quarters of an inch wide, soil compacting is alleviated and thatch is more efficiently composted. The soil cores brought to the surface during the aerating process have microbes that interact with the thatch and help to speed its decomposition.

Soil compaction that develops from foot traffic and occasional heavy rains is counteracted by the holes created in lawn aeration. The holes renew root health. Composted thatch that goes down into the holes brings nutrients to the root system. The soil cores brought to the surface are broken down so that the microbes in the soil can help to break down thatch. The resulting compost helps to enrich your soil. Aeration is the best way to cope with the dense clay soils common in the Independence, MO area.

We Offer Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance, & Winterization

Our eco-friendly sprinkler systems are designed to conserve water. Our installation is a one-time investment but your water bill is a monthly expense. The right decision now can produce savings for a long time to come. Our expert will visit and generate an ‘as built’ map of the proposed system. The design is then followed during installation so that you can be confident in the finished results.

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