Heritage Lawn Seeding in Gardner

Gardner Lawn Care and Sprinkler System Repair

Lawn care is important to many homeowners in Gardner, KS and Heritage Lawns & Irrigation can help. If you take pride in the appearance of your landscape and lawn. If you like your grass to be thick and green and your trees and shrubs to be healthy and pruned, but you could use a hand, rely on the lawn care professionals at Heritage to help them.

The Heritage Eco-Pride Lawn Care System

Our Eco-Pride Lawn Care Program will keep your lawn not just weed free, but healthy from the ground up. We use eco-friendly fertilizers and weed treatments to keep the soil in  balance. Balanced soil ensures good root growth which establishes a healthy lawn. A thick stand of healthy grass will choke out most weeds naturally so we can use fewer chemicals. A healthy lawn will also be able to withstand the brutal summers in Gardner and still look good.

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance in Gardner

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation provides multiple lawn care services for Gardner residents. For instance, during dry weather many people’s lawns and trees turn brown and die. But when you rely on Heritage, we can install a sprinkler system to keep the landscape hydrated. The sprinklers can be turned on and off automatically several times each day to ensure that the grass and trees are properly irrigated. Without this irrigation service, people in Gardner may have to use a garden hose and spend a substantial amount of time and effort to water their property. Our irrigation specialists can also handle problems with too much water. They can install downspout extensions and French drains to alleviate pooling in your yard.

Residential Aeration & Seeding Services

Likewise, we are skilled in seeding and aeration. These tasks also help keep grass green and looking healthy. Many times if people are not observant, their lawns may become susceptible to bare patches and weeds. However, with proper aeration and seeding, patches and weeds can be eliminated. We do soil testing to make sure the lawn will have plenty of nutrients, and new grass can grow in areas that would otherwise be bare.

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