Fairway Lawn Care and Sprinkler Systems

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is the lawn care specialist in Fairway, KS. Our Eco-Pride lawn care system makes your lawn healthy from the ground up. Rather than start with the weds and work our way down, we start with the soil and work our way up. Balanced soil means a healthy lawn with a strong root system. A lawn with a strong root system will be able to look good and remain healthy through just about anything the Fairway summer can throw at it. All you have to do is provide enough water during the dry season and your lawn will look great all year. A great way to make sure your lawn is getting enough moisture is to install a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Systems Save Fairway Homeowners Time and Money

Getting a professional water sprinkler installation in your Fairway home is one of the best decisions you could make for keeping a well-maintained lawn. Busy homeowners can save time by foregoing the hand held hosing method and letting a sprinkler system handle it automatically. Our Fairway, Kansas company has years of experience evaluating and designing the appropriate system for your needs based on your yard’s layout. Our irrigation specialists will save you water and money with sprinkler systems that are effective and water-efficient. Please contact us for a consultation to learn how a professional installation by Heritage Lawns can help your Fairway, Kansas lawn look its best.

Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

Fairway Lawn Care and Home Spinkler Repair ServicesYour sprinkler installation will add beauty to your lawn and garden and value to your home. To keep it running efficiently, it is important that sprinkler repairs and upgrades be done promptly. Even if we weren’t the original installers of your sprinkler system, our Fairway, Kansas professional landscapers are knowledgeable about how all systems are designed to perform. They are also trained to recommend upgrades and all work can be done promptly.

We are certain you will be pleased by our service. The investment you make will make a difference in water consumption for your yard. You will find that less water is wasted. Your lawn and garden will continue to thrive. For years we have been able to offer numerous cost effective options to our Fairway, KS customers that transform their yards and gardens into outdoor areas all can enjoy.

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