Conserve water accurately and efficiently with Heritage Lawn Sprinkler Services in KC including Sprinkler Repair and installation.

Eco-Pride Classic Lawn Care Program + Sprinkler Service

Choose-Your-Free-Bonus-ServiceWhen you choose our Eco-Pride Lawn Care program Plus Sprinkler Service our goal is to get you a healthy, thick, green lawn all season. We do that by making your soil healthy first and foremost. Our combination of environmentally friendly fertilizers and weed control products keeps your soil balanced so your grass is healthy and resilient. A healthy lawn can stand strong even in the hottest Kansas City summer. To ensure a properly watered lawn our Classic Program + Sprinkler Services provides the moisture it needs to survive!

Lawn Care Program

  1. Early Spring Treatment
  2. Late Spring Treatment
  3. Early Summer Treatment
  4. Grub Control Treatment
  5. Summer Treatment
  6. Fall Treatment
  7. Winterizer Treatment
  8. Organic Liquid Aeration
  9. *Plus 1 Free Bonus Service
  10. 16% Program Savings

+ Sprinkler Service

  1. Spring Sprinkler Start Up
  2. Mid-Summer Sprinkler Check Up
  3. Sprinkler Winterization (Blow Out)

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Our Sprinkler Service Program Has You Covered All Year

Now you can sit back and relax knowing that your sprinkler system is in expert hands. A Heritage Irrigation Specialist will perform a Sprinkler Startup in the spring, a mid-summer checkup, and sprinkler winterization before the first freeze. Your sprinkler system will run smoothly and efficiently all season long and you won’t be paying for wasted water. It’s the perfect combination with our Classic Lawn Care Program. Our Sprinkler Service Program includes:


  • Charge system with water
  • Check backflow device for leaks
  • Operate each zone from the controller
  • Check each sprinkler head for proper operation and coverage
  • Adjust and clean each head as needed
  • Test and/or replace batteries
  • Adjust and set controller

Mid-Summer Checkup

  • Operate each zone from controller
  • Inspect each head for proper operation & coverage
  • Adjust and clean each head as needed
  • Adjust controller settings for the season


  • Close main line water source
  • Blow out all pipes with pressurized air to remove water
  • Shut down controller
  • Winterize backflow device
  • Pumps will require additional steps

Irrigation Specialists Will Make Sure Your Sprinkler System Is Efficient

There’s nothing worse than paying for something you didn’t use. That’s exactly what you’re doing when your sprinkler system wastes water. At Heritage, we don’t just have lawn care experts who happen to do sprinkler systems. We have Irrigation Specialists who are trained and certified in irrigation. That’s who you want on your team. They’ve been designing, installing, repairing, and winterizing sprinkler systems for years. Their knowledge and expertise will not only ensure that your sprinkler system is running trouble free, but also efficiently. You’ll save money by not wasting water. If you want your sprinkler system to be trouble free, the Classic Lawn Care Program + the Heritage Sprinkler Service Program is for you. By combining our services, you save money. And don’t forget to choose a free bonus service!