Brookside Lawn Care and Sprinkler System Repair

Heritage Lawn and Irrigation provides professional lawn care services including sprinkler system installation in Brookside and Kansas City MO.If the lawn at your Brookside home is showing signs of fatigue, let the professionals at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation transform your entire property into a green showcase.  Improper drainage, an inadequate sprinkler system, or poor soil aeration may be the culprit.  Our staff has many years of experience developing, maintaining and restoring soil and foliage with our lawn care programs. We provide total lawn care throughout the year, as well as complete seeding and pest control services.

What’s Wrong With My Brookside Lawn?

If you live in Brookside and worry about the presence of bald patches in the yard or the growth of fungus or weeds, it just may be that your soil is in need of expert help. Soil compacts due to poor aeration, a lack of organic nutrients for the grass it supports, and the wrong amount of watering at different times of the year. Our lawn care includes a complete soil analysis and we will recommend the proper soil upgrade methods to turn the ground into a nutritionally rich bed for your lawn, trees and shrubs. Sometimes seeding is necessary as well.

Sprinkler System Installations in Brookside

Irrigation is a huge part of lawn care. At Heritage Lawn & Irrigation we understand drainage tendencies, know how much water the lawn requires, and can install the perfect sprinkler system for your Brookside home. Our experts will do a complete walk-through, show you a custom designed installation plan and can have your new system up and running in just days. Plus, we will perform maintenance and repair on your sprinkler system including winterization procedures to ensure the system is unaffected during the cooler winter months.

Complete Seeding of the Yard At Your Brookside Home

We use the very finest varieties of grass seed and will professionally conduct seeding operations at any time of the year. We will check the condition of the soil first, then apply any necessary fertilizers or core aeration procedures when starting a lawn from scratch. After seeding, our lawn care service includes monitoring of the developing grass cover to make sure it is receiving the proper amount of nutrients and water.

At Heritage Lawn & Irrigation, we are not satisfied until your Brookside home is surrounded by a healthy, beautiful grass bed and disease-free shrubs and trees. Our lawn care professionals will do whatever it takes to make your property a slice of heaven on earth.

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