Blue Springs Lawn Care and Sprinkler System Repair

Family and Earth Friendly Lawn Care in Blue Springs
Heritage Lawns & Irrigation can make your Blue Springs lawn look beautiful with lawn care, seeding, aeration, sprinkler systems, and more. Residents of Blue Springs can trust Heritage Lawns.

Lawn Fertilization and Seeding in Blue Springs

Lawn care involves year round fertilization and weed control services, grub control treatment, special winter fertilizer and a basic aeration service. Our goal is to make your lawn healthy, so we use biological fertilizer. Treatments for trees and shrubs are also available. We start with soil testing to determine the levels of nutrients in your lawn. Then we add the right amount of everything it will need to stay healthy year round.

When starting a new lawn in Blue Springs, you must have a seeding plan. Heritage Lawns uses the best seed available guaranteeing 0% weeds. We make sure the seed is in the soil at least an eighth of an inch. This helps the seed to thrive. Planting the seeds at this depth keeps the moisture levels consistent and allows the seeds to take root. We recommend soaking the yard deeply before seeding. After seeding, you must keep the ground damp. Do not allow the ground to dry between waterings. Keep the top quarter inch of the ground damp; otherwise, the seeds will not germinate and grow. Water the seed lightly two or three times a day for approximately two to three weeks. Doing so will give you a beautiful lawn.

Lawn Care Aeration for a Healthy Outcome

Aeration in Blue Springs is important due to the clay soil in the area. Aeration involves digging holes in the lawn that are three quarter inch around and three inches deep. Doing so allows the ground to expand and reduces the effects of foot traffic and baking in the sun. Aeration assists with root development to keep your lawn healthy.

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance in Blue Springs

When we install sprinkler systems, we make sure we minimize damage to your property and clean up your yard before we leave. Our sprinkler systems have the most efficient watering system available to save you money. Our irrigation system even has a rain sensor. If it rains in Blue Springs, the sensors will prevent the sprinkler system from running which will help control your water bill. Not only can we save you from not enough water, but our irrigation specialists can help with too much water. If you have water pooling in your lawn after a rain, we can add downspout extensions and French drains to alleviate the problem. Just call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation for any lawn care needs.

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation is here to help you have a healthy and beautiful Blue Springs lawn. From seeding to sprinkler systems, give us a call for all of your lawn care needs.

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