Don’t Forget to Winterize your Lawn Mower

How to winterize your lawn mowerHomeowners usually forget their lawn mower needs attention all year around. Just because the mower isn’t being used during the winter months, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. We understand, it’s easy to forget about them after they have been put away for the entire winter. 

Taking care of a lawnmower is just like taking care of any other tool. It needs to be properly maintained every year. Winterizing your lawn mower will increase the longevity and efficiency of the unit. Watch this video of our Lawn Coach, Matt Stewart, as he winterizes a lawn mower. 

heritage lawns lawn mower winterization video

If you don’t have enough time or resources to winterize your lawn mower, no worries! Our friendly professionals here at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation will take care of you. Even better, we will pick up your lawn mower and bring it to the shop for routine maintenance and then deliver it back to your door.

What’s Included in a Heritage Lawn Mower Winterization:

    • Stabilize the Fuel – We add stabilizer to the fuel to keep it from oxidizing and forming gummy deposits in the fuel tank while it sits over the winter. help your engine run cleaner. We then run the mower long enough. This is done long enough to make sure the fuel reaches the carburetor ensuring the mower doesn’t get clogged.  Tip: its best to use gas without ethanol for small engines. 
    • Change the oil – Drain and replace the oil. We add fresh oil to extend the life of the engine.
    • Clean the Deck – Scrape grass clippings and other material from the underside of the mower deck. This improves the mowers efficiency and reduces rusting.  
    • Service the Air Filter – We inspect and replace the air filter if it’s dirty. 
    • Spark Plug Inspection/Replacement – Typically, spark plugs need to be replaced after every 100 hours of operation. If there are signs of corrosion, we will replace them. 
    • Sharpen Blades – We sharpen and confirm balance of  your mower blades . It’s a good idea to keep a second blade on hand to use  while the other blade is being sharpened. We recommend changing blades every month during the mowing season.
    • Replace the Fuel Filter – Most lawn mowers don’t have a fuel filter, though many lawn tractors do. If your equipment has a fuel filter, it will be replaced. 
    • Batteries – Lawn mowers with batteries will have the batteries charged to help them through the winter but this may not be enough for the full winter.  We recommend batteries be removed and stored inside during the winter and charged monthly or placed on a battery tender. 



If your lawn mower is just sitting in storage waiting for warmer weather, give us a call and schedule a lawn mower winterization service today! We will get your mower charged, primed, cleaned, and sharpened to where it will run it’s best. Remember, we’ll come pick it up, fix it up, and deliver it back to your door. Call Heritage today (913)396-6858.