Winter Pruning – A Time to Get Dramatic!

Do you have an overgrown bush that forces you to walk around your sidewalk? Are you forced to duck around tree limbs as you’re mowing the lawn? Or do you have a bush around a window that would provide the perfect hiding spot for prowlers? If so, this is the time of year to perform corrective pruning.

Corrective pruning is much more dramatic than your normal year round touch ups. This is because, during the winter, trees and shrubs become dormant and we are able to be more aggressive without hurting them.

Why is Winter Pruning Necessary?

To maintain plant health

To improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems

To restrict growth

To start newer plants of on the right track

The rules of pruning vary with different plants, but there are some main rules to follow.  You should always prune damaged or dead parts to avoid additional insect or disease infection sites.  You should not prune in late summer as this may encourage new growth that won’t have time to harden off before cold weather arrives and could result in damage or even death to the plant.

If you need help with your trees and shrubs, our team can help you during these slower winter months. Call our office at 913-451-4664 or email We can help you schedule a meeting with our arborist.