Winter is Coming! – Have You Had Your Sprinkler Blowout?

Homeowners can feeling the chill in the air which is prompting some to start calling to schedule their sprinkler blowouts. If you still haven’t now is the time to do it! Our irrigation systems are big investments, but because they’re automatic and underground, it can be easy to forget about their annual winter maintenance. Unfortunately, if your system is left with water in it’s pipes, you will have an even bigger mess on your hands come Spring.

Choosing the Right Company

Heritage understands that life gets busy and scheduling your appointment can slip your mind. Luckily, for Heritage homeowners who are enrolled in our irrigation system maintenance program, you are automatically scheduled for your winterization (along with the rest of your annual maintenance).

If you are not part of this program or a Heritage customer, this is to remind YOU to schedule your blowout today. Heritage has also put together a list of questions you should ask any company before allowing them to work on your system.

It’s Going to Freeze and I’m NOT Winterized!

Don’t panic! If you see there is a freeze warning on the news but your irrigation system isn’t scheduled for it’s blowout until next week you’re not doomed for damage. All you need to do is insulate your above ground backflow device or any exposed pipes with old towels, sleeping bag, or blankets by loosely covering them. This will protect your system until an Irrigation Professional can winterize it.

Do Auto Drain Systems Need Winterization?

Some homeowners have what is called an auto drain system which leads them to believe exactly that; it automatically drains.  This means that about 1/2 of the pipes will drain out automatically (from the valve to the head) but the main line portion still needs to be drained.  There is usually a couple of manual valves on the main line that need to be opened to allow the main line water to drain.  Sometimes these systems don’t always drain enough to protect your system or they malfunction and don’t drain at all. Your irrigation system is an a big investment so if you have any questions about if or how well your system drains, don’t leave it to chance, having the system blown out will put your mind at ease.

Drains Explained

Heritage noticed this a lot last year and felt it was important to mention.  Several newer systems that we have seen are tapped into the water line in your basement but don’t have a drain valve installed.  We assume the contractors are trying to save money, but your irrigation system needs its own drain. Each fall we have to drain the water from the outside down into the basement where things don’t freeze.  If we don’t have a drain this becomes difficult.

If you have any questions about your annual sprinkler blowout, give an Irrigation Professional a call today!