Why Winterize my Sprinkler System?

My Neighbor Never Winterizes His Sprinkler System

frozen water pipes

Picture taken by Heritage of a frozen backflow device

While the Irrigation Police won’t come after you if you don’t winterize your system, you will be putting yourself at risk. Your irrigation system is a huge investment which can be expensive to fix.

YES your system needs to be winterized.  You may get lucky for a few mild years but the Kansas City frost line is 30 – 32 inches deep. This means when our ground freezes that far down and your pipes still have water in them, they will break.  If the water is turned off but isn’t drained or blown out you won’t detect the damage until the spring start up.  Worse case scenario the water is left on which can lead to a leak all winter and possible flooding.  If you think flooding in the summer is bad try it in the winter.  So even if your above ground parts are frozen and broken you can still protect the underground pipes and valves.  The air temperature may be freezing but we don’t usually freeze down deep in the ground until after Christmas.  Get your system winterized, it’s not too late.

Peace of Mind

pipes broken from freeze damage

Picture taken by Heritage of broken pipes from freeze damage.

Winter is quickly approaching which means we have a busy few months ahead of us with the holiday seasons. The problem is with so many extra curricular activities, it’s extremely easy to forget about your sprinkler system.  Your landscape sprinkler system is automatic and underground, out of site and out of mind.  Heritage homeowners who are part of our irrigation maintenance program are automatically scheduled to eliminate the risk of forgetting. But, for those who are not currently part of the program, they need to remember to schedule their appointment before its too late.

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As usual an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule your sprinkler winterization, contact Heritage today!