Why Lawn Weed Control Is Important

It’s hard to argue that the yellow dandelion flower against the green turf background over a large lawn is a beautiful sight. Almost everyone will agree.

BUT the problem is, in a residential lawn setting, this is detrimental to our goal of a thick healthy lawn.

The competition from this biennial weed, and other weeds, leads to thinning of our grass stand due to shade and competition for water and nutrients. When the grass thins, the roots that hold the soil in place also thin, and we start to see erosion. Erosion leads to bumpy, ankle twisting lawns. It leads to sediment being washed down the gutter into our streams and ponds. And in severe cases, property damage. It’s the proverbial slippery slope.Properly maintained healthy lawns will have the most dense root mass of any plant which is the best defense we have to minimize runoff. Lawn programs, like our Eco-Pride system, focus on creating a healthy soil/plant relationship that leads to long-term solutions to lawn weed control problems.

For a host of reasons, from safety for our kids playing on the lawn, to minimizing pollution in our lakes and streams, we need to have a solid lawn weed control plan to keep the weeds from taking over and focus on that thick healthy lawn.