3 Reasons Your Lawn Isn’t Greening Up as Fast as You Want

Greener Lawn ComparisonThis time of year we always receive calls from homeowners asking why their lawns aren’t as green as their neighbors’ lawns. So, Heritage put together this list of three reasons why this could be happening:

    1.  The Species of Grass

Tall fescue comes out of dormancy differently than bluegrass, which differs from zoysia.  Even within a species, say tall fescue, different varieties will come out of dormancy at different times.  Not all grasses are the same, so they get green at differing times.

   2.  Soil Temperature

Grass won’t green up until the magic temperature for your grass species is reached.  The south facing slopes will warm up faster than the north facing slopes, so front yards of your neighbors on the north side of the street will green up sooner. Soil temperature differs by location.

  3.  Winterizer Fertilizer

Did you feed your lawn last fall before it went dormant?  How much and when?  The winterizer fertilizer treatment provides the nutrients your lawn needs and stores up through the winter to come out of dormancy strong in the spring.  If you didn’t apply the correct amount of fertilizer and at the right time it will have an effect on your spring green up.

Patience is key at this point, soon your lawn will be sprouting green just as you’ve expected. If you’d like help thickening up your lawn in the meantime, consider Spring Seeding. Also, this Green Lawn Tip can help your lawn appear green faster.

TIP: If your lawn looks brown after you begin mowing for the season, it could be due to dull mower blades. Dull blades can damage the grass tips causing them to split and the ends to get dry and brown. Make sure your blades are sharpened and ready to go for the mowing season!

Guide to Year-Round Lawn Care

Lawn care can be complicated. If you’d like a foolproof guide to year-round lawn care, download our Lawn Coach’s Playbook below. In it, you will find month-by-month instructions on what to do for your lawn so you’ll never miss an important window of time again. Know when to fertilize, when to apply pre-emergent weed control, when to seed, when to treat for grubs, etc.