Why Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Matters For A Green Lawn

earth friendly lawn careEarth-friendly, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and green are all adjectives that have quickly entered the vocabulary of many Kansas City homeowners.

But, is this a term that can be applied to your lawn care? And should you make the switch from standard lawn care to one that is eco-friendly?

The Lawn Coaches at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation break down the answers for you and tell you what you must know about ec0-friendly lawn care.

What is an Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Program?

An Eco-friendly lawn care program is an approach to lawn care that caters to the entire environment in your yard. The goal is to build up your yard’s soil so that it can sustain your grass and plants.

With eco-friendly lawn care, it is important to understand and use good cultural practices, such as mowing and watering, that aid your turf and plants. With this, it is possible to create an environment where plants thrive not just survive.

What Type of Products Are Used with Eco-Friendly Lawn Care?

Different lawn care companies use different products when it comes to their environmentally friendly approach to lawn care. At Heritage, we use many organic fertilizer practices but there are times when we need to address problems with traditional products too. Eco-friendly for us does not mean “organic” only.

The Heritage Lawn Coaches treat lawns with the approach of not harming the soil or water. In other words, we only use the products that we need to get the job done. It is a balanced approach with a focus on the long term goal of making the lawn more sustainable with fewer chemicals.

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What Are the Benefits of Earth-Friendly Compared to Standard Lawn Care?

An environment-focused lawn company wants to know why that weed was there in the first place and what can be done to keep it from coming back.

With this long term thinking and the realization that it has to do with all aspects of the lawn, (soil, water, plant and maintenance) we can address the root cause and escape the “SEE THE WEED SPRAY THE WEED’ mentality of the standard lawn company.

Have you ever felt that your traditional lawn company just sprays and sprays and sprays? And then the next year nothing has changed and the cycle just repeats. This is the trap. The biggest benefit of earth-friendly lawn care is that you get out of the trap.

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What Else Should I Know About Earth-Friendly Lawn Care?

With earth-friendly lawn care, you will have a thick, green, lawn that is healthy. A healthy lawn can withstand traffic, weather, insects and diseases better than a lawn that isn’t healthy.  Your lawn will be better able to out compete weeds naturally and we won’t have to spray as much as we would in a thin weak lawn.

A thick healthy lawn is nicer to walk and play on and creates a cool smooth backdrop  for our homes. A healthy lawn will have a strong root system that will keep the soil from eroding into our streams and keep our communities looking nice beyond our property lines.

What Does the ROI for Long Term Lawn Care Look Like? 

Money magazine has determined that a nice lawn and landscape is equal to 15% of the value of the home. A $250,000 home will have curb appeal worth about $37,500.

Spending only 10% per year of that on maintenance is a good investment. While a lawn care program isn’t the entire maintenance needed, it usually only represents 1-2% of the spending.

Is There Any Additional Lawn Maintenance? 

If you can’t afford to have a caretaker do it for you, then hiring a lawn company is a partnership. A professional service will give you the guidance to take care of the day-to-day cultural practices, such as watering, mowing, and trimming, in a manner that will enhance what the service is doing.

A homeowner is also the eyes and ears on site. When they see changes or have questions, they need to contact the lawn care company so that things can be resolved before problems become severe.

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