What’s The Dandiest Time to Get Rid of Dandelions?

Dandelion Flower PictureWhen do you think about dandelions? If you’re like most homeowners, you think about them in the spring when they rear their ugly little heads in your lawn. Well, dandelions are the darndest weeds to get rid of. Besides being able to grow under many conditions, they produce thousands of seeds that come equipped with their own little parachutes that can float them clear across the neighborhood on a windy day. Cut them off, pluck them, poison them, they have yet another secret weapon – a long taproot underground that protects them from drought, hand pulling, and even poisoning. What’s a lawn lover to do? Well, the weed experts at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation know that the secret to winning the war against weeds is knowing their weaknesses.

Battle Them All Spring & Summer, But Wage War in the Fall

To win the battle against weeds, you must get to know your enemy. Learn their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. For instance, every autumn, when the temperatures begin to cool, dandelions start preparing for the next year. Their upper foliage dies back and they send nutrients down into their taproot to store energy over the winter for the coming spring. FALL is the best time to attack.

Tap into the Taproot

Weed killing products will have the most effect in the autumn because the plant is already absorbing all the nutrients from above and sending them down into its root. Why not send a trojan horse along for the ride? Spray your product on the dandelions in the fall and it will be much more effective at killing the taproot than if you’d sprayed it in the spring or summer. You may still have a few dandelions come spring, but their numbers will be diminished. Use this strategy a few years in a row, and your lawn will be nearly dandelion free.

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Win the Weed War

Knowing your enemy will help you conquer them. Want to learn more about the most annoying weeds and how to get rid of them? Download our free guide “Kansas City’s Guide to the Most Unwanted Weeds”. Learn about nutsedge, crabgrass, clover, and more. Heritage Lawns and Irrigation wants to help you win the weed war, so download the guide here.


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