What is Dormant Oil Spray?

healthy shrubs sprayed with dormant oilThis year, get a jump start on yearly insects such as scale, borers, and mites with a dormant oil treatment.

If you’ve had problems with insect attacks on your trees or bushes this past year, here is a good way to start off the season.

Dormant Oil Is An Eco-Friendly Oil

The dormant oil spray is a highly refined mineral oil. This treatment is non-toxic to humans and pets which will mean there is no wait time for getting back out on your lawn. This spray treatment for trees and shrubs works by drowning out or suffocating any over-wintering larva that are anxiously awaiting to feed on your new tree and shrub leaves.

When to Spray Dormant Oil

To begin spraying, the weather must be above freezing. Dormant oil should be applied in late February or throughout the month of March. This treatment can be sprayed on to all trees and bushes that are not considered blue, such as Spruce or Juniper trees. The only exception to this rule is Pine trees.

How to Protect Your Lawn

With a combination of dormant oil, quarterly bug barrier treatments, and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed Eco Pride Program your home can be successfully protected from pesky pests. The bug barrier will keep add a protective force field around your home to prevents bugs from ever finding their way in.

The Eco Pride Program covers all the treatments in and around your home and guarantees your satisfaction or your money back. Then as stated before the dormant oil prevents pests from ever hatching to become a problem.

Lawn Coach Tip

“When you are clearing leaves from your lawn, make sure you clear out beneath your bushes as well. This will help avoid bugs from over-wintering in that area which will help reduce the population for next Spring.” – Jeremy Swope

For more information about dormant oil or other tree and shrub programs call a lawn coach today!