Tips for Watering New Grass Seed

Watering new grass seed

Water is the key to survival for any plant, and when it comes to new seed, there’s nowhere where it’s more critical. We talked to our irrigation professionals about the importance of watering during seeding season. Here’s what they had to say:

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

If you’re a new homeowner or have never seeded before, it can a bit intimidating hearing that you MUST keep your seed watered. So, we asked Irrigation Professional, Joey Coble, how often we should be watering our lawns, “New seed needs to be watered 3 times a day for the first 3 weeks. This keeps your seeds damp but not submerged. After the 3-week time frame, back it off slowly to once a day. Seed should begin to show between 14 to 21 days after it’s planted.”

Check Your Sprinkler System

Irrigation professional, Alex McClain, made a great point about something all homeowners should check even before seeding, “Not all irrigation systems are created equal. It is a good idea for homeowners to have the coverage of their systems checked by a Heritage irrigation specialist prior to seeding.

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There may be areas that are not well covered or possibly not covered at all. Some customers may be seeding the same areas year to year. This could be the result of poor sprinkler performance…”

TIPS: Move or add sprinkler heads to bare areas in lawn.

Bypass Your Rain Sensor

While talking to irrigation professional, Mark Reese, he had this tip to share, “Bypass your rain sensor. Since you don’t know exactly how much it rains, it’s a good idea to still water. It’s better to spend the extra money on watering your lawn than risk letting your seed dry out and losing your lawn.”

It’s pretty clear, watering your new seed is essential to the germination and growth process. For any further questions, please call Heritage Lawns & Irrigation at (913) 451-4664 or contact us online.