Experts Tips and Tricks for Taking Care Of Your Lawn This Fall

You might think that since summer is over, your lawn duties are too. Though it would be nice to take a break, taking care of your lawn during the fall season is one of the most important things you can do. Heritage Lawns Expert Lawn Coaches came up with these helpful tips to make sure your grass survives the winter and stays healthy until spring.

Rake Your Leaves

Heritage Lawn Expert

“A yard that is covered with fallen leaves doesn’t look good, more importantly, it’s not healthy for your lawn,” described Brian Hiatt, Lawn Coach. Unraked fallen leaves can kill your grass, leading to dead patches in your lawn where weeds can invade next year, not to mention it makes your lawn bumpy. “I mulch my leaves with every mowing. Once my leaves have mostly fallen I use a blower to get them out of the beds and bag them up with my mower.” Make sure you don’t neglect the fallen leaves on your lawn. Learn all about mulching leaves in Kansas City here.

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Keep Mowing Your Lawn

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Mowing is an important step to achieving and maintaining a healthy lawn. “In the fall your lawn doesn’t grow as fast as it did in the summer months,” advised Matt Stewart, Lawn Coach. “I keep mowing my lawn until it has stopped growing and the leaves are mostly all down.  On the last mowing of the year, I drop my mower height 1 notch and bag off the clippings and leaves that I have blown out of the beds.”


 Aerate Every Year

Heritage Lawns Owner


“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, a healthy lawn starts with healthy soil,” explained Wes Ory, Owner of Heritage Lawns and Irrigation.  Aeration is an important part of having a healthy lawn. Clients love our liquid aeration because they don’t have to mark their sprinkler heads or worry about a broken pet fence wire.”  Aeration makes it easier for water, nutrients, and air to infiltrate the soil resulting in a lush, beautiful, and healthy lawn. 

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