The 4 Best Practices your Lawn Needs this Spring

Spring Fever Lawn Care Photo

Longer days, warmer weather, leaves budding, spring is almost here. Now that everyone can see their lawn, they keep asking, what they can do to make their lawn look great. And of course, we are excited to get back out there and get our lawns in shape for the season.

So what can homeowners do this early in the season to get their lawns looking good? Our experts here at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation put together a list of things you can do to your lawn to prepare for the upcoming season. It’s important to get started as soon as there are signs of warm weather (typically mid-March-April). 

Lawn Care Best Practices for Early Spring

  • Clean Up Your Lawn – This is where you remove the dead plants and leaves in your yard. This will not only make your yard look neater, but will also allow the sun to reach blades of grass that have been hidden by last year’s fallen leaves and sticks.Be sure to remove those leaves that blew in over the winter so they don’t suffocate the lawn underneath and leave bare spots.l
  • Early Mowing Practices – *Only for the first mow of the season* lower the mower height down to 2 inches. Attach a bagger to your mower and mow all of the dead grass in your lawn. Do this before the lawn has completely greened up. Then raise your mower back to the normal setting. Doing this will make your grass greener and healthier from the beginning.  
  • Fertilize Your Lawn – Apply a light treatment of organic-based fertilizer to the lawn. This will give it the good start your lawn needs. Too much fertilizer in the spring can make the lawn grow too fast which leads to mowing headaches and possibly disease problems.  Make sure the treatment is organic based to work with Mother Nature and not against her. 
  • Weed Control – Apply pre-emergent to control grassy weeds. This pre-emergent will prevent weeds before they sprout. Apply to your lawn and the flower beds/shrub beds.

Don’t Forget: Weed Control Requires Treatment Early and Often

Taking control of the weeds in your lawn early is extremely important. If weeds begin to sprout, you’re already too far behind. Adding pre-emergent can only help control so much. That’s the secret to weed control. Hit them early, hit them hard, and stay on top of them all season. 

We know it’s impossible to get rid of every single weed. But if you take control of them early and continue to monitor them as time passes, your weed population will reduce season after season. If you are currently paying a lawn care company, they should be adding fertilizer and weed control products. For those of you DIY’ers, make sure you get the 4 bulleted items listed above done.

If you have any questions on what the best organic-based fertilizer is, how to lower your mower height, or how often to apply pre-emergent weed control, give the experts here at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation a call at (913)396-6858! Or request a free quote online.