Take a Step in a Lawn Coach’s Shoes

Heritage Lawn Coaches and Irrigation Professionals do a lot of walking throughout their work days. When I say “a lot”, I actually mean tens of thousands of steps. Don’t believe me? We have proof!

Lawn Coach, Jason Clarkson, and Irrigation Professional, Alex McClain, have both worn pedometers while walking homeowner’s lawns. Their results were pretty shocking.

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Irrigation Professional, Alex McClain.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

The Facts

Jason shares his results of the pedometer, “My highest number has been 22,000 steps. On an average day I take about 15000 steps. My lowest numbers are on Saturday and Sunday and only do about 5,000 steps per day.”

Alex explains his accomplishments and goals, “This spring, when I was activating irrigation systems and adjusting sprinkler heads, I was completing up to 25,000 steps per day.  That is about 14 miles per day.  I try to walk at least 5,000 steps per day.  I feel sluggish if I don’t.  I often do not reach that goal through the winter months while I am in hibernation mode.  I also gain weight during those months because of it!”

Hard Work Pays Off!

lawn coach Jason Clarkson gives expert lawn care advice

Lawn Coach, Jason Clarkson.

Jason then told me about how he began counting steps and how he rewards himself for his hard work, “I am averaging about 45 miles per week – pretty awesome stuff! I started wearing this because of my mom, she got me this watch that measures everything, it is truly amazing. Now she doesn’t get mad when I tell her I eat a bowl of ice cream every night. It’s well deserved!”

Alex also shared what got him started and his plans for the future, “I received a free pedometer a few years ago.  It really opened my eyes to what activities I do throughout the day that are physically intense, and those that are not.  Unfortunately, my pedometer broke.  I think I will try an app on my phone.”

The Life of a Lawn Coach

Jason concludes with, “It’s pretty amazing how as a Lawn Coach you cover miles of lawns per day, not only miles of driving but also from miles on your feet! I am a very active and high energy person and with my love of turfgrass and passion for my job – it’s a perfect fit. [It’s rewarding] to really see the miles I put on from day to day. It’s the life of a Lawn Coach! It’s true I walk a lot, but you have too see every inch of a lawn and it keeps me young.”

Keep up the hard work, fellas!

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