Surviving Spider Mites

Which insect can hatch in as little as 3 days, and become mature in as little as 5, then lay up to 20 eggs per day while living for 2 to 4 weeks? The spider mite. This quick lifestyle can spawn a population of a million mites on your bushes in a month or less.

Protect Your Fall Colors

Luckily, these mites don’t normally kill their host bush but it is still important to catch them early. These pests thrive in the hot summer temperatures and you can find them by looking for silky webbing on your burning bushes and/or yews. Even though spider mites are only approximately .04 inches long they can cause severe damage.

Spider mites attack the leaves of bushes by using their piercing mouth part and suck out the juices. This causes the leaves to die and fall off prematurely. Burning bushes are known for their burning red color during the fall months but if their leaves fall off before those months, homeowners won’t be able to enjoy this signature color.

Unfortunately, spider mites can be very difficult to get rid of because they are part of the spider family. This causes them to require a specific mite control. So, if you feel you may have a spider mite problem call your Lawn Coach today to catch them as early as possible!