Summer Lawn Care Game Plan

Summer time is supposed to be stress-free but it can actually be a very stressful time for your lawn. For this reason we asked the Lawn Coaches and Irrigation Professionals for their top tips on how to make summer easier.
Do remember, the main key to staying on top of your lawn care is to take the time once a week to really look and try to notice any issues before they get out of control. Also, be patient and persistent, your lawn and landscape are living things and will move slowly.

Mowing and Trimming Tips

  • “Keep your mowing height at three to three and a half inches in height, it helps the grass from stressing under the heat of summer.” -Lawn Coach, Brian Hiatt
  • “Keep your weed whip vertical to avoid scalping your lawn.” -President, Wes Ory
  • Avoid hitting your trees with the weed whip, this can damage and even kill the tree.
  • “If you choose to let your lawn go dormant this summer, make sure you get it an inch to an inch and a half of water on every 10 to 14 days to keep the lawn from dying.” -Lawn Coach, Brian Hiatt
  • “Don’t worry about the little tree seedlings, they can’t survive under regular mowing.” -President, Wes Ory
  • “The most important thing this time of year is making sure your mowing with a sharp mower blade you don’t wanna cause anymore damage to the leaf blade then you have too, since its dealing with so much other stress with the heat, so a good way to tell too see if your mowing blade is dull is if after you cut the lawn you have white tips on the leaf and what that tells you is the blade is ripping the grass and not cutting the grass.” -Lawn Coach, Jason Clarkson

Watering Tips

  • “Water deep but infrequent; not everyday.” -President, Wes Ory
  • “When watering, finish by 10 am.” -Irrigation Manager, Jeremy Alexander 
  • “If you decide to let your lawn go dormant, only water 1 time every 3 weeks; anymore will encourage weeds.” -President, Wes Ory

Weeding and Pruning Tips

  • “Pull nutsedge every opportunity you get. The lawn will be soft enough that it will come up with the little root hairs.” -President, Wes Ory
  • “Prune any dead wood out of your trees and shrubs to avoid infection.” -President, Wes Ory

Bonus Tip!

  • “Grass needs 3 things to make grow and they are air, water, and sun, With shade issues, what I recommend, is too look at the area and see if you can thin the trees out to get more sunlight in and so we can get more sun and air flow in that area to help thicken up the turf.” -Lawn Coach, Jason Clarkson

If you have any question, please call a Lawn Coach today!