Sprinklers – Not Just for Lawns Anymore or Don’t Be a Hoser!

It’s amazing how many people think sprinkler systems are just for watering the lawn. There are so many more ways your sprinkler system can help you keep your yard looking nice.  Why should the grass get all the attention?  What about all of those beautifully landscaped areas next to the house?  When you go on vacation, do you come home to wilted landscape plants and thirsty bushes?  Or do you have to hire the neighbor kid to water them while you’re gone?  Many of our customers have struggled with these issues only to discover that they can have those areas easily incorporated into their existing sprinkler system.

We have added lines to include landscaped areas and large potted plants near entrances, on decks, patios and around pools.  You can even set it up to auto fill a fountain!  There are so many options to keep your yard (all of your yard) looking great with no hand watering maintenance.  Stop struggling to keep up with the watering and spend more time enjoying your yard!  We’ll be happy to come out and give you an estimate on installing a complete sprinkler system or adding on to your existing system.  So step away from that hose and give us a call.