Sprinkler System Winterization-Don’t Blow It Off…Let Us Blow It Out.

sprinkler head spraying photoBecause your sprinkler system is underground, it can easily be forgotten about. Like the old adage says, “Out of sight, out of mind”. But a sprinkler system is definitely something you don’t want to forget about in the winter. Although it’s underground, it’s not below the frost line and that means that any water left in the pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it expands and can crack the pipes or even damage the sprinkler heads and valves resulting in expensive repairs come spring.

We Offer Professional Sprinkler Winterization

At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we offer professional sprinkler winterization services. We will blow the water out of your pipes with an air compressor to make sure it is clear. Your sprinkler system is an investment. Don’ take chances when it comes to winterizing it. Make sure it’s blown out professionally and no water is left in the pipes to freeze and cause them to burst.

Frozen Sprinkler Systems Don’t Cause Problems till the Spring

If not properly winterized, a sprinkler system can develop leaks that aren’t even evident till spring arrives. Then, leaking pipes can cause lawn damage, water waste, and if not noticed or repaired quickly can even kill trees and plants by drowning them. Always have your sprinkler system checked in the spring to make sure it is functioning properly. Heritage can perform a spring sprinkler system check to make sure there are no leaks, the sprinkler heads are functioning properly and are spraying in the right direction and at the right distance, and that your lawn is receiving the coverage it needs to keep looking great even in the heat of a Kansas City summer.

Sign Up for Our 3-Step Sprinkler Maintenance Program

Never worry about your sprinkler system again and rest assured that it is working at peak efficiency by becoming a Heritage Lawns and Irrigation sprinkler maintenance customer. You’ll be covered year round by our 3-step program:

  1. Spring Startup
  2. Mid-Season Checkup
  3. Winterization and Blowout

Don’t waste water or money on a poorly designed, inefficient or broken sprinkler system. Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor is an expert at designing, installing and maintaining effective and efficient sprinkler systems. Call Heritage Lawns and Irrigation for the best sprinkler winterization and maintenance in Kansas City.